Physician with his resume next to him
Physician with his resume next to him

Being authentic in physician interviews

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As a physician job candidate, your CV and application materials serve as an essential first impression for your prospective employers. However, it’s equally crucial to embrace being authentic in physician interviews as you do on paper. Being genuine and consistent throughout the interview process can make a significant impact on how employers perceive you. Here are some key strategies to help convey that you are the same person during your interview that you are on paper.

Start off with self-reflection

Before you head into your interview, take some time for a little self-reflection. Contemplate your core values, professional goals, and what motivates you to be in the medical field. Knowing yourself better will help you express your motivations more clearly during the interview process. After all, you can’t be authentic without knowing who you are and what you can offer as a physician.

Add in a little consistency

Your CV, cover letter and any other application materials should paint a cohesive picture of the path you’ve taken as a medical professional. The stories and experiences you highlight on paper and the anecdotes and responses you plan to share during the interview should align. Having consistency in your personal narrative will convey your honesty and credibility.


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Honesty is the best policy

It’s essential to be honest about the areas in which you have room for growth as a physician. If there are weak points in your application, be willing to bring them up and address them during the interview. Being proactive and having a plan for improvement and a willingness to learn will be seen favorably. Interviewers appreciate candidates who are willing to acknowledge their limitations and are committed to self-improvement.

Research the Institution

It’s good to show genuine interest in the organization you’re applying for and the team you may be working with. Do some in-depth research and educate yourself about the institution’s mission, values and accomplishments. This will help you ask insightful questions during the interview that reflect your interest in coming to their organization. Demonstrating knowledge and interest will highlight your enthusiasm about becoming a part of their team.

Let your personality shine

In the medical field, good interpersonal skills are vital. So, it’s a given that interviewers will be taking this opportunity to assess how you engage patients and colleagues. During the interview, maintain eye contact, smile, and interact with your interviewers. Show them you are approachable by asking questions and being warm and respectful. Lead with your personality. This will help build a good rapport with those conducting the interview.

Keep calm and carry on

Nervousness is to be expected during an interview, but it’s important to not let it take over. Rehearse possible interview scenarios with a friend or mentor to help bolster your confidence. You can’t be authentic unless you’re comfortable in your own skin, so try to stay composed. It’s OK to take a moment and gather your thoughts before answering a tough question.


Being the same person during your job interview as you are on paper is a powerful way to stand out as a strong, authentic candidate. Knowing yourself, emphasizing your strengths and addressing your weaknesses honestly and showcasing your personality will all help you make a lasting and favorable impression on interviewers. Keep in mind that the right employer will value your genuine self and make an offer you will be sincerely happy to accept!

Read articles by Jackie Farley

Jackie Farley

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