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5 ways a contract attorney can help you


When it comes to physician contracts, two things are certain: 1. There are a lot of details to cover, and 2. They’re all relevant. Reviewing and negotiating your employment contract is one of the last hurdles before taking the next step in your career and starting your new position. During this leg of your journey, you might be wondering if it’s worth it to have your contract reviewed by an attorney (spoiler alert: It is!). Here are five reasons why you should get an attorney:     They’re experts of detail Becoming a physician or advanced practitioner takes a l....


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6 “musts” for your letter of interest


A letter of interest, sometimes called a letter of intent, is a job-search tool designed to do exactly what it seems: inform others of your interest. As a job seeker, it’s a good idea to know how to write a letter of interest to put yourself on the radar of prospective employers and identify yourself as an eager candidate. Here are six best practices to make yours compelling to recruiters and worth holding onto for future consideration. Be professional, but personable As you draft your letter of interest, pay attention to length and tone. Your letter should be brief and come across as p....


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Ways to prepare for successful onboarding


When done well, the onboarding process can set a positive tone for your entire employee experience at a new organization. Just like every individual, each organization is different and will have a unique plan in place to welcome you into their community. Regardless, there are a few things you can do to prepare and set yourself up for a successful onboarding process.    Ask all the questions From the day you accept the offer, it’s likely you’ll begin to receive a lot of information about next steps. This will include paperwork and information on relocation assistance and o....


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The last hurdle


Finally, you’re off to an exciting new job! You aced the interviews. You love the area. And you’ve found the perfect next step for your career. There’s just one detail left to sign: the contract. An employment contract is written confirmation of everything you and your future employer verbally agreed to - a roadmap for your new position. Most are several pages long, but don’t be surprised if yours is shorter. You might even receive it in the form of a letter. But no matter how it’s delivered, you need to be sure that you agree with everything included and that not....


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Navigating your noncompete


One of the most important (and most overlooked) elements of the physician’s employment arrangement is the noncompete clause. A noncompete clause essentially prohibits you from working within a certain radius - blocks, miles, zip codes or counties - for a defined period of time, usually months or years. Told with the help of TV shows, this overview will help you understand the importance of addressing noncompetition clauses at all stages of your career. Survivor Your career should not only survive as you switch from one job to the next, but thrive. Each employment contract sets you up for....


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