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How tight is the job market in your specialty? Winter 2022


What’s your competition like? For job-seekers of all kinds, it can be hard to know. A simple search for opportunities in your specialty will give you an indication of the demand for physicians like you, but without knowing who else is vying for those jobs, it’s hard to get an accurate picture of supply. How many other candidates in your specialty are actively looking for jobs at the same time? And how does that number correspond to the number of opportunities available? That’s where the PracticeLink Physician Recruitment Index comes in. The Index is a relativ....



How to get extra help with your job search


Whether you are still in training and inexperienced in the intricacies of a job search - or are post-training and simply too busy with life and work - outsourcing certain unfamiliar or time-intensive aspects of your job-search process may be attractive. The key is to understand which services are applicable and available to you at each stage of the process. Writing your Curriculum Vitae (CV) First impressions are made the moment you submit your application. Because your CV is often the first thing you’ll share with an organization, it’s crucial that you don’t undervalue its q....


Jeff Hinds

How to make your next move the right one


Deciding where to hunt for your next job is exciting. But it can also be fraught with uncertainty. Some physicians are laser-focused on moving to a specific area or returning to familiar surroundings. For others, the decision is a rollercoaster ride - fluctuating daily as their search zigzags all over the map. Whether you want to return home or spread your wings, surprises aren’t welcome during a relocation. And you want to end up somewhere you love. That’s why it’s important to define your career goals and your personal preferences. That way, you’ll find a place you an....


Debbie Swanson

The importance of place


The year is 2017, and Dr. John Doe has everything going right. He’ll finish his chief residency year in June and has just signed a five-year contract with a hospital that is not only well-regarded in health care circles, but also in its own community. The previous fall, he married his long-term significant other, Jane Hart, who will be receiving her Ph.D. soon - and last week, they discovered they were expecting. Fast forward two years to March, 2019. Dr. Doe is getting ready to move again, even though breaking his contract means stiff penalties and a hit to his reputation. The move&rsqu....


Chris Scites

What to do when you’re close to an offer


You’ve completed your training and now it’s time to take the next step in your medical career. Even in your extensive education, you may not have learned what to do in your job search, how to interpret a contract or what the interview and offer process look like. Here are tips to help as you approach the offer stage of your interview process: Start early The ideal scenario for physicians is to be close to signing an offer six months prior to the end of residency, so you should begin looking for jobs one to two years before completion of your training. When you wait to apply and sta....


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