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A physician’s guide to relocating


  One perk of being a physician is that your services are needed everywhere, from sleepy bedroom communities to skyscraper-dotted cities. Combined with the current physician shortage, that means the employment outlook is good. That’s why many physicians see the job hunt as an adventure with endless directions to explore. But as with most major life decisions, careful planning is still necessary. "Start early in searching for your next dream job. Medicine has a lot of flexibility. There is a job for you as long as you are prepared and ready," suggests Anis Rehman, M.D., assistant pro....


Debbie Swanson

Five aspects to consider when you have multiple offers


When a bride picks out her wedding dress, she stops shopping, and so should you once you find the ideal practice opportunity! Here are five factors to help you identify the right choice when considering multiple offers: Did you make a verbal or written commitment? Once you have made a final decision on a job opportunity, stop answering calls from recruiters and stop going on job board websites. Do not tempt yourself. This will only make you doubt your decision, which was a great decision at one point, and it will possibly put you in a place where you will burn a bridge that can last a lifetim....


Michele Gutermuth

Negotiating your work visa sponsorship as a physician


When searching for job opportunities, physicians have tons of considerations - location, compensation, paid time off, work schedule, quality of life and more. But most IMG physicians have an additional consideration looming over their heads: immigration. If you’re a physician with a work visa, you are well aware that your prospective employer must support or "sponsor" your work visa for you to be able to practice medicine in the U.S. As a matter of fact, without an employer’s agreement to sponsor, there’s really no need to discuss any other aspect of a potential offer. Knowin....



Think location when evaluating where to practice


Price is a major factor when purchasing a new car, but it’s not the only detail to consider. That decision is based on much more than a dollar figure. What’s the vehicle make, model and year? Is it the right performance trim? Does it have the heated seats, moonroof and other extras you enjoy? Those additional details factor heavily into determining whether the asking price is worth signing the paperwork. Salary plays a similar role when reviewing contract offers. While base pay and incentives are important, things like the practice location can influence their true value. Consider ....


Drew Terry

How does your job offer compare?


Much like religion and politics, chances are you’re not bringing up the nitty-gritty details about your new job offer at the dinner table among friends. But job-seeking physicians must wonder: Is my compensation in line with other packages being offered? Here’s your chance to compare.  



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