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If your goal is to catch recruiters’ attention and be a top contender for opportunities, you’ll want to meet them halfway during your job search and their candidate search. The two most effective ways to do this are to put yourself where hiring employers are looking, and to initiate a connection by making the first move.

Here are some ways to ensure you and your information can be found in the right place at the right time and methods to reach out to the recruiters you want to notice you:

Place yourself where hiring employers look:

Create a candidate profile

When you create a free PracticeLink profile, your visibility expands to recruiters actively seeking to fill thousands of positions.

Your candidate profile includes your education, training, professional experience and other relevant details that give recruiters an idea of who you are and what kinds of opportunities you’re seeking – which helps your chances of being noticed and pursued for an opportunity. You can also upload your CV directly to your candidate profile so it’s more accessible to interested employers.

Create your free, customizable and downloadable CV, or get help starting yours with Physician CV.

Complete an in-depth interview

Interviewing candidates is a time-consuming process, which often means recruiters must be strategic and selective when prioritizing whom to contact.

When you complete a PracticeLink in-depth interview with a member of the PracticeLink Physician Relations Team, you’re essentially undergoing round one of the interview process to give recruiters more context and better insight into your qualifications, interests and goals. With all your information handy, recruiters have a better chance of identifying whether you’re interested in the opportunity, and you’re more likely to catch their attention and be considered for next steps.

Contact to complete your In-depth Interview.

Attend virtual or in-person networking events

Whether it’s a career fair, specialty conference or association event, attending networking events either in person or online can help you get noticed by hiring employers.

When you attend a PracticeLink Virtual Career Fair, you can enter virtual booths, ask questions about opportunities and get to know recruiters who want to add you to their network. Events take place virtually every week and focus on locations throughout the country so you can keep growing connections and advancing your job search wherever you are.

Attending a career fair in person provides many of the same benefits as virtual networking event, but with the added value of meeting face to face with hiring employers. You can shake hands, approach booths that stand out, discuss openings, ask questions and determine if it’s a fit you want to explore. Be on the lookout for in-person PracticeLink Career Fairs returning to cities near you in 2022!

Check out the PracticeLink Virtual Career Fair schedule here.

Take steps to expand your network:

Invite employers to connect on social media

Request to connect with recruiters on professional social media platforms like LinkedIn, and let them know why you’re reaching out.

If you’re not actively looking for a job and just want to expand your network for future opportunities, let them know. If you’re drawn to their organization and want to inquire about openings, tell them. Recruiters are often more motivated to accept a connection when candidates are intentional about why they’re initiating it in the first place. 

Additionally, access to your page and information also makes it easier for them to engage in conversations with you; ask questions about your experience, interests or goals; and explore the connection further. Plus, by pairing your face with your name, recruiters are more likely to remember you if they come across your application in the future.

Send a letter of interest

The goal of your letter of interest – or letter of intent – is to more formally introduce yourself, share what appeals to you about the health system, share your value and invite a connection that ultimately lands you an interview.

An effective letter of interest coupled with the above steps stands out to recruiters. However, you’ll want to avoid reaching out repeatedly to those who haven’t returned your messages or invitations to prevent your efforts from backfiring.

If recruiters can find you in a database, view your candidate profile, scan your CV, connect with you on social media and see your intentions in a well-drafted letter, you’ll likely be a candidate they notice and consider for opportunities.

Questions about your job search or how to get noticed for jobs? We’re here to help! Contact us at

Read PracticeLink articles by Alexandra Cappetta

Alexandra Cappetta

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