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Practice l F A ll 2018 23 C A R E E R M OV E wouldn't be a WCI podcast at all. I do enjoy the back-and-forth with a guest on the show, and I enjoy answering reader questions on the podcast. From a business aspect, I love the scalability and passiveness of some of the income sources. It's a lot of fun to make money while I'm sleeping or skiing. What are the most challenging aspects? Blogging is fun; I'd do that for free. But blogging isn't a business. The blog is just the front door to the business. The business might be selling ads, marketing other people's products, selling your time, or selling your own products. Some aspects of running a business aren't very fun, so I've been trying to hire and outsource what I can. Was there anything about doing this that surprised you? First, I didn't think it would ever generate more money than my practice, but I think that's pretty atypical for a blog. The vast majority of for-profit blogs make less than $10,000 a year; it is quite a remarkable one that generates a six-figure income. Second, I didn't think I would ever be able to help. That's been very rewarding. Third, I didn't expect quite so much opposition from the people whose bu si ness I 'm hu r t i ng, like whole-life insurance salesmen. You wouldn't believe some of the hate mail and comments we see. I went into medicine because I like to help people. This blog is just another way to help some of the best people in the world. "I got sick of watching doctors make the same financial mistakes over and over again." See this issue's physicians in exclusive video interviews at

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