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30 F A ll 2018 Practice l ▼ CV T HE C O n T r AC T S & C OMPE n SAT IO n ISSUE D E P A R T M E N T S Job Doctor t H erese K arsten s top before you make one of these errors A plethora of job-search tools and resources still hasn't solved these common problems. W e W ere W ron G. Old guard recruiters and employers predicted that smartphone access to CV and cover letter samples, templates, how-to guides and FA q s would eliminate most of the common CV and cover letter problems. It didn't occur to us that the older generation's errors might be replaced by new challenges in the era of digital job search. L ea r n wh at t hey a re so you can avoid them. Using a file sharing platform and embedding macros Dropbox, ShareFile, Google Drive, Egnyte and other file-sharing platforms are wonderful for sharing documents and photos with friends and family. They are not optimal for sharing your CV and cover letter. Recruiters and practices work behind formidable firewalls and may not be able to open the file. I recently asked our information protection and security guru why we are blocked from so many third-party sites. He explained that file-sharing platforms are hit-and-miss on safety standards for protected health information (P h I). These vendors do not intentionally put our information at risk, but sometimes speed and ease-of- use shortcuts provide opportunities for malware. The fastest way to get your CV and cover letter in front of a decision maker is to stick to PDF or Microsoft Word attachments. To avoid landing in a spam filter, avoid macros and embedded objects. Our firewall is looking for anything similar to malware and will either divert your document to spam or disable the suspicious element. Not proofreading after the red squiggly lines are gone We see far fewer misspellings today because spelling and grammar checks catch most. The dangerous downside of these tools is the false sense of security they afford. Candidates who skip having a spouse, friend or mentor proofread a CV and cover letter run a far greater risk of: Date errors. Only another human will catch the typo on a year or omission of key dates, such as your anticipated completion of training. Word choice errors. We see incorrect usage of ensure/ insure, accept/except, adopt/adapt frequently because

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