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Practice l F A ll 2018 35 L E G A L M AT T E R S Innovative· Integrated· Interested? Bon Secours Health System is now recruiting physicians (all specialties) in Maryland, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Virginia. Bon Secours is a not-for-profit Catholic healthcare ministry w ith 24,000 employees, aw ard w inning hospitals and physician practices, all part of one integrated system. Kentucky: Lisa, 606-833-4141 Maryland: Amy, 804-240-1125 South Carolina: Courtney, 864-561-9804 Virginia: Hampton Roads- Elizabeth, 757-373-7445 Richmond- Stacey, 804-433-4712 Post ‑ termination obligations Regardless of the manner in which the employment contract is terminated, you and your former employer will have residual obligations to one another that should be clearly outlined in the employment contract. It is possible that both the employer and the physician may be able to insist on additional duties and tasks of the other party. The common obligations to consider will include billing or record keeping, return of any and all property of the employer, reconciling of the financial obligations of each party, and clarification of all surviving contract clauses. Pay careful attention to confidentiality, non-disclosure, non-solicitation, non-disparagement and non-compete provisions. Each clause will carry equal legal weight for you, but non-compete provisions are the most immediate concern. Non-compete clauses, also called restrictive covenants, are a restriction on the physician's employment or practice after the expiration of an employment contract. Prior to entering a contract, carefully consider the level of restriction, including the time period, the designated range of restriction and the availability of buy-out provisions or mutual agreements to release the physician from the restriction. After termination, consider whether or not the restriction is enforceable, whether or not the circumstances of the termination trigger the restriction, and whether or not this restrictive covenant includes a restriction on the solicitation of your former employer's patients or employees. By consulting with a qualified attorney with expertise in physician contracting before you sign your employment agreement, you will be certain that the terms of possible termination are fair and reasonable. SARAH REDDY is an Oklahoma licensed attorney and partner with Reddy & Feldhake, P.C., and associated as counsel with Premier Physician Agency (, a national consulting firm specializing in physician job search and contracts. Win! Find your next practice—and enter to win a $500 gift card—at

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