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6 F A ll 2018 Practice l the 2018 ANNUAL PracticeLink Magazine Contra C ts & Compensation issue F a l l 2 0 1 8 · V O l U M E 2 8 , N U M B E R 4 LIVE & PRACTICE Honolulu, Hawaii Allentown, Pennsylvania Stillwater, Oklahoma Rochester, Minnesota 70 46 59 u Sylvie Stacy, M.D. PHOTO BY ERIC a ND J a MIE PHOTO p Andrew Gowdey, M.D. PHOTO BY S a V a NN a H a ND PHI l IP KENNEY u Theresa Rohr- Kirchgraber, M.D. PHOTO BY REBEC a SHEHORN u Timothy Friel, M.D. PHOTO BY TIMOTHY G a NGI DEPARTMENTS 22 Career Move: Physician with a following A robust media approach has helped this physician share his expertise—and passion—outside of medicine. MARCIA t RAV el S te AD 26 Financial Fitness: 5 common student loan questions Being strategic about your student loans and repayment will help you maximize your compensation. j AS o N DI lo R e N zo 30 Job Doctor: Stop before you make one of these errors A plethora of job-search tools and resources still hasn't solved these common problems. the R e S e KARS te N 34 Legal Matters: What you need to know before signing Before starting a new job, know your rights and obligations under your contract's terms and termination clause. SARA h YA te S R e DDY , e S q. 36 PracticeLink Tips: What's the difference in physician recruiter types? Agency and in-house recruiters both aim to help physicians through their job search—but there are some differences in their approach. C h RIS SCI te S 38 Reform Recap: Congress renews Children's Health Insurance Program C h IP is funded primarily by the federal government; states operate the program following federal guidelines. je FF A t KINS o N 40 Tech Notes: The best patient education app The app I most recommend. I lt IFA t hu SAIN , M . D . 44 Vital Stats 88 Crossword 90 Snapshot: Arif Khan, M.D. 76

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