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52 F A ll 2018 Practice l features It's free for AAFP members. STP18050802 More than likely, however, you'll be rewarded based on some sort of volume metric. Even though there's wide variety in the incentive models and formulations used today, there's a better-than-average chance that your plan will revolve around RV u s. "We can say that we want to move to quality, but fundamentally mathematics still work on volume," Singleton says. "To me, RV u s are the bridge from volume to value. It's the best we have at the moment." The nuanced ins and outs It's incumbent on you to understand the parameters of your specific plan, given the potential nuances. For instance, depending on the formula, the incentive portion of your deal may involve a modest kick-in for the first and second years while you develop sea legs and a following. After that, your salary may be gradually reduced or even eliminated, leaving you dependent solely on whatever productivity and/ or earnings structure your employer has in mind. W hatever the case, you need transparency. Too often, say experts, physicians look at the numbers and just assume what's behind them rather than understanding where they come from or how they're set. "One of the things that continues to amaze me is how many physicians can't recite how they're being paid," says Horton, noting his surprise at job incumbents who don't know the ins and outs of their original compensation packages. "They're able to tell me how much they make but they can't necessarily articulate the mechanics. And that's really important." Geography In medicine, like business, location is often everything — including playing a role in what you can earn, especially given supply and demand for your skills. When considering the trifecta of factors — compensation, location and practice type — that are key to any job decision, Appino suggests prioritizing the two most important ones since you likely can't have all three.

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