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70 Fall 2018 Practice l features negotiation," she says. However, Elchoufi didn't ask her attorney to attend the actual negotiation process, as she felt prepared to do so on her own. Researching salary data was an important part of this preparation, and Elchoufi says physicians should know their numbers. It's not enough to tell an employer that your friends and colleagues are getting offers in a particular range. "Use data from sources such as MGMA [Medical Group Management Association]," recommends Van Camp. "Be willing to share the details of an offer you have already received. Know how compensation in your particular specialty is commonly calculated." Elchou f i says t h at i n her experience almost everything is negotiable. But in order to negotiate, physicians need to know their own value — and how other physicians in similar positions are typically compensated. "For example, if you are offered a salary of, say, $250K but you really wanted $400K, you need to know ahead of time what salary range is the industry standard for that position," she explains. "If the salary that you have in mind is not in that range, then what is it about your experience and skill set that makes you feel the additional $150K is a reasonable request?" Spencer says that before every negotiation, she tells each physician two things: what items are not negotiable, and what requests As Andrew Gowdey, M.D., prepared to leave training and find a urology practice, he turned to a health care attorney, other physicians and an in-house recruiter. See this issue's physicians in exclusive video interviews at PHOTO BY Savannah and Philip Kenney

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