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Practice l F A ll 2018 71 the C ontra C ts & C ompensation issue Join Anne Arundel Medical Group (AAMG) for the opportunity to create a healthier tomorrow for yourself and for the one million people who trust us for compassionate, quality healthcare. Our offices are located in picturesque Anne Arundel County, Prince Georges County and on the Eastern Shore. All within easy reach of 534 miles of coast line, over 100 community parks and 15 national blue ribbon schools. As part of Anne Arundel Medical Center, AAMG is one of Maryland's largest multi-specialty practice groups, serving patients across five counties and growing. Freedom to practice the way you want. AAMG has openings in many specialties for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. For more information on these positions, please contact Kim Collins at 443-481-5166. can't be accommodated. That way, candidates know if trying to make both sides happy is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. U l t i m a t e l y, E l c h o u f i s ay s , physic ia ns shou ld rememb er negotiation is just a conversation. "Getting a 'no' to your request is not necessarily a dead end," she says. "Ask open-ended questions. Try to get the other party to share what it is that they need, what problem are they trying to solve. Then you can gear your responses accordingly." How long does the hiring process take? From interview to contract review to negotiation and more, the hiring process involves several different steps. The timeframe for each can vary depending on the size and type of employer — as well as how much negotiation you end up doing. Castle i nter v iewed i n ea rly November. He received a letter of intent outlining basic terms shortly after. "I signed and submitted this in January and received the full contract a couple weeks later," says Castle. "From that time, I believe it took about a month to sign it. So the total process from start to finish took about four months." According to Spencer, a draft contract typically arrives two to four weeks after the interview. She recommends that physicians complete negotiations within a week to 10 days. Once when Elchoufi was applying for a new position, she says she went from initial phone call to seeing patients in under three months, but she adds that this is uncommon. In her experience, four to six months is more typical. "It really depends on how much the employer needs someone with your qualifications, as well as logistics such as obtaining state licensure, getting credentialing completed, etc.," Elchoufi explains. "In any case, don't be in too much of a rush, even if you end up needing to do locums for a while. If you're rushed, you'll have a tendency to jump to something that may not necessarily be an optimal fit." Frugé says every candidate is

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