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The career development quarterly for physicians of all specialties, PracticeLink Magazine provides readers with feature articles, compensation stats, helpful job search tips—as well as recruitment ads from organizations across the U.S.

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88 F A ll 2018 Practice l ▼ T HE C O n T r AC T S & C OMPE n SAT IO n ISSUE How much do you remember from this issue? Many of the answers to the clues below are found in this issue's articles. Read it through, then take the crossword quiz! D E P A R T M E N T S Crossword Find the answers to this issue's puzzle on page 10. Across 1 In negotiating your first job, it's a mistake to accept this, 2 words 7 The U in RV u 10 Have a snack 12 It will include salary, benefits, and terms 13 What a mentor does 14 In a country area 15 Standard 17 Corp. heads, abbr. 18 Vanity 19 Expression of affection 20 Paperwork, for short 22 Memo 23 Don't put all your ___ in one basket 25 Truck brand 27 Expect loyalty from 28 Yours and mine 29 Goof 31 Smooth engine sound 33 Regrets 34 Recruiters help find them 36 Expected performance metric that can be part of negotiating a position, 2 words 39 Type of scan 41 Bottom line salary 42 Qualify Down 1 Amaze 2 Recommend a person or company 3 It's a negotiable point for physicians securing positions, 2 words 4 Charge 5 Scaled note 6 What a plane pilot estimates 8 Retirement savings, 2 words 9 Tries out 11 These types of goals are negotiable in getting a new position 15 Agreement relating to not starting a similar business to that of the current employer, 2 words 16 Takes time off—for good! 17 Signal 20 It's usually a good idea to consult one before signing a contract 21 Point-and-click device 24 AMA members, abbr. 26 Legal document that formalizes terms for positions 30 Keep safe 32 Perceptive 35 Remedy 37 Financial adviser, abbr. 38 Seafood delicacy 40 Light metal symbol

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