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64 W INTER 2019 features depression and burnout during my residency training and first year of fellowship," she says. The first step was recognizing she had a problem. Then, she took action. "I visited counselors and a therapist who specifically works with physicians who had mental exhaustion," she says. "I also learned to practice mindfulness, started journaling for stress relief, and exercised more." When help doesn't come Untreated burnout can lead to medical errors, substance abuse, depression and even death. "About 300 to 400 physician suicides are reported each year," Farcy says, "but suicide in doctors is under- reported and often hidden, because a physician can make a suicide look like an accident." The AMA and ST e PS Forward module (stepsforward. org) on physician depression and suicide reports that female physicians commit suicide at a 130 percent higher rate, and males at 40 percent higher rate, than that of the general population for each gender. Those statistics alone make burnout a problem in dire need of fixing. Fixing the problem Alleviating physician burnout is a complex challenge. Survey respondents cited more pay, fewer hours and patients, and fewer government regulations as key. Early detection can also help. Farcy, who has been supervising residents in emergency medicine for 12 David f arcy, M.D., has seen and addressed depression and burnout in others. The early signs, he says, are "less involvement, less caring, and negative comments in a person who used to be very positive." See this issue's physicians in exclusive video interviews at PHOTO BY Rodrigo Varela

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