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80 W INTER 2019 ▼ T HE Qu AL I T y O f L I f E ISS u E How much do you remember from this issue? Many of the answers to the clues below are found in this issue's articles. Read it through, then take the crossword quiz! Find the answers to this issue's puzzle on page 10. Across 1 Body's daily activity cycle, 3 words 10 Prefix used with fire or diagnose 11 Sanitary face covering 12 Licensed practitioners 14 Reference aid 15 Charges for service 17 Visit or tour an area 18 Drop-down, for one 20 Local district 24 And so on, for short 25 Seek to win over 26 Saginaw's state 28 No vote 29 McKinley and others, abbr. 30 Goal 33 Period just before an event 34 Zilch 35 Often the best season to sell a house 37 M.D., e.g. 38 Lotion letters 39 Emotional exhaustion, 2 words 41 Work/life ____ 44 Yellowfin tuna 45 Sport that's good for networking 46 Ability to manage others and achieve group goals Down 1 Obligations 2 Hospital training position 3 Morning time 4 Veggie-tray item 5 Suffix meaning ''about'' 6 Kind of spray for allergies 7 Ad ___ committee 8 Moves from one position or place to another 9 Feels nostalgia for 13 Give a pink slip to 15 Look online 16 Solar energy source 19 Airline flight abbr. 21 St. Louis' state 22 Was depressed 23 Troublemaker 27 Bookstore section for those seeking personal improvement, 2 words 29 Coach and teacher in one 31 Everyday 32 Taste a little 36 Country 39 Carry-all 40 Connection 41 Hospital unit 42 Spa sounds 43 National Health grp. D E P A R T M E N T S Crossword

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