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Spring 2019

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38 S PRIN g 2019 ▼ T HE J O b S E A r CH ISSUE D E P A R T M E N T S PracticeLink Tips chr IS S c IT e S c urious about the jobs out there? lets you conduct even a confidential job search. T here co M e S a TIM e IN e V er Y P h YSI c I a N'S LIF e W he N, e V e N T ho UG h T he Y MIG h T be FIN e IN T he I r c U rre NT P o SITI o N, T he Y W o ULD LIK e T o S ee W ha T o T her o PP or TUNITI e S are a V a IL ab L e . This might be due to any number of reasons: curiosity about what else is available, a desire to relocate, wanting more diversity in cases, looking for more compensation, or dissatisfaction in their current role. Problem is, you probably don't want your current employer to know that you are looking until you're ready to disclose it. And at the same time, your employer is likely combing physician recruitment sites, looking to hire more providers to your practice. Fortunately, with PracticeLink, it's easy to look for opportunities and keep your search confidential from your current employer. Browse confidentially You don't have to register with PracticeLink in order to see the jobs that are available. If you're truly just curious to see what's available in your specialty and location, simply browse the job profiles employers have posted on without registering. Set your status to passively looking If a job search is in your future, you'll want to register for PracticeLink. When registering, set your job search status to "passively looking" if your search is confidential. You can choose this option while you're setting up your profile. If you've already registered, you can change your status at any time in your account settings. From your dashboard, simply go to "My Account" and use the radio button near the bottom of the page to select the job search status that's right for you. Choosing "passively looking" will allow you to apply to jobs on PracticeLink, but will limit your profile visibility to only employers with jobs to which you've applied. Choosing "passively looking" will also let you receive PracticeLink's Job Messenger email alerts, which notify you of new opportunities that match the criteria you've selected. With p racticeLink, it's easy to look for opportunities and keep your search confidential.

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