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54 S PRIN g 2019 features Join Anne Arundel Medical Group (AAMG) for the opportunity to create a healthier tomorrow for yourself and for the one million people who trust us for compassionate, quality healthcare. Our offices are located in picturesque Anne Arundel County, Prince Georges County and on the Eastern Shore. All within easy reach of 534 miles of coast line, over 100 community parks and 15 national blue ribbon schools. As part of Anne Arundel Medical Center, AAMG is one of Maryland's largest multi-specialty practice groups, serving patients across five counties and growing. Freedom to practice the way you want. AAMG has openings in many specialties for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. For more information on these positions, please contact Kim Collins at 443-481-5166. CV. But only offer languages for which you can have a meaningful dialogue about someone's medical i ssu es. " I wou ld n't ment ion that you're conversationa l i n German or Japanese if you don't feel comfortable conducting an interview in that language," says Alexander Hamling, M.D., M BA , FA A P, a pediatrician for Seattle- based Pacific Medical Centers. Formatting basics You can't achieve an aesthetically- pleasing, easy-to-navigate CV if the margins are uneven, the spacing is awk wa rd a nd you've u sed difficult-to-read typefaces. When you don't have unanimity, you're sending a message that you're not good with particulars, say recruiters. As Aitken notes: "The lack of attention to detail makes me wonder how good this physician's documentation will be and how much attention will be given to patient care. If the only thing I have to judge is a CV, it better look like someone is attentive." To create a clean, consistent and visually-balanced document, consider these starting points: T h i n k t y p e f a c e . S e l e c t a typeface that not only displays your accomplishments, but also i nv ites recr u iters to conti nue reading. W hen in doubt, Times New Roman or A rial are tried- and-true workhorses. Make sure what you select is crisp, clean and computer compatible. Structure counts. A pleasing-to- the-eye CV depends on balance, and balance depends on how you align the words and utilize white space. If you're using a template, you won't have to worry about parameters since they'll be built in. It's still to your benefit to know, however, that standard margins usually call for one inch on all sides. Other need ‑ to ‑ know CV basics Length. It depends on where you are in your career and what type of opportunity you've targeted. If

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