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70 S PRIN g 2019 features Family Medicine Residency in Massachusetts, agrees. "I hear residents tell me they're too busy to start their job search," she says. "But I remind them, the whole point of residency is to get a job. If the search is delayed, they can go a month or two without a paycheck while they wait for the paperwork to be done." So here's a rough roadmap to make getting a head start easy. Read on for the steps you should be taking— and how your spouse or significant other can help: Getting ready for the search together P h YSI c I a N "Medical school and residency are so regimented. A job search marks the first time new physicians have the freedom to choose their path. It's scary and exciting at the same time," says Barr. Before you begin your search, sit down and decide what you're looking for in a job. Do you want to stay where you are or move? And if you're moving, what kinds of job opportunities does your spouse need to find in the area? What salary range do you expect to earn? You need to a nswer t hese questions even if you plan to stay put in your current location, so it's best to start making decisions early. "Lack of clarity is one of the biggest reasons for procrastination," says Kenneth Hertz, FACM P e , principal consultant with the M g MA Consulting Group. He says that once you've set goals and made some decisions, you'll be better able to focus your search. Joh n R o d r i g u e z , M . D. , a n or thoped ic su rgeon at Texas O r t hop ed ics i n Au sti n , says job appl ica nts need to th i n k beyond salary requirements. He recommends considering other important factors, such as job freedom and flexibility. Stephanie Benjamin, M.D., a fourth-year emergency medicine resident at u CSF Fresno and author of Love, Sanity, or Medical School: A Memoir says not to pigeonhole yourself. "Determine your priorities and think every decision through so you are building the career Stephanie b enjamin, M.D., is an emergency medicine resident and author of Love, Sanity, or Medical School: A Memoir. See this issue's physicians in exclusive video interviews at PHOTO BY Derek Lapsley

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