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Spring 2019

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Page 70 of 91 S PRIN g 2019 71 Experienced and Committed to Quality Patient Care. Get Better! ENGAGE + CONNECT NES Healthcare is among the nation's most experienced multi-hospital emergency and hospital medicine management and staffing groups. Our size and geographic reach allow clinicians an opportunity to travel to desired locations and fast-track to leadership roles. • Small to large volume EDs • Rural and inner-city locations • National footprint and in UK • Residency stipend program • Competitive rates & bonuses • Leadership opportunities • Medical Director mentorship • Paid Insurances • Travel packages • Scribes* OPPORTUNITY BENEFITS Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas Connecticut Georgia Illinois Indiana Kentucky Louisiana New Jersey New York Ohio Oklahoma Texas Washington West Virginia CURRENT OPENINGS CONTACT US TODAY 1.800.394.6376 that you — and not someone else — want," she says. That's what Sasha Thomas, M.D., did when a job opportunity in Kansas came up unexpectedly. At the time, he was practicing in North Carolina as an executive health physician. "My wife and I sat down with legal pads and made lists of the pros and cons of staying where we were or moving to Kansas," he says. "We took everything into consideration." Ultimately, the pair decided to move. SP o US e "You should be having ongoing conversations with your spouse about lifestyle, location and career goals throughout residency and throughout your lives," says Lara McElderry, creator and host of the Married to Doctors podcast. When you do talk, she says it's important to "be honest with your feelings, and keep an open mind." Stephanie Benjamin's husband, Alex Angeli, says he asks his wife questions to ensure she's making decisions that will truly make her happy. "I'll ask her what move makes more sense to her in terms of what she wants to accomplish professionally," he explains. "What location will help toward that goal?" Doing the preliminaries (residency, years 1-3) P h YSI c I a N "The first thing you should do before a job search, if you haven't already, is pull together your curriculum vitae or update it," says Kambies. "It's the first thing you'll be asked for when you contact anyone for a job." Matt Wilson, M.D., a hospitalist and clinical assistant professor at the University of Kansas Medical Center, says he used free online resources to help with writing and formatting his resume. "I also asked a couple of residents a year ahead of me to send copies of their CVs for me to look at," he says. Don't forget to check your social media presence. "We address this from day one," says Barr, explaining that your public persona may prevent you from getting a license in certain states. "All social media accounts should be set to private — only visible to family and friends," advises Wilson. A nd Benjamin says that even though she uses only her first and middle name on media sites, she's still careful about what she posts. Now is also the time to research potential locations and make other preliminary preparations. "Handle the process like it's a job," says Hertz. "Take notes on paper or online. Hone your interview skills. Spend time researching jobs. Sign up for PracticeLink." Faculty can be great resources during this time since many of them have developed a wide network of professional connections. "One of our residents had to narrow his search to Texas and North Carolina because those were the best places for his wife to find work," recalls Barr. "He asked if any of the faculty had connections to either of those places. It turned out we did." SP o US e As a physician's spouse, there's a lot you can do to take the weight off your partner during this phase of the

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