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28 S UMMER 2019 ▼ CV T HE In T E rv IE W ISSUE D E P A R T M E N T S Job Doctor CHA r L ene PLO t YCIA Your secret job-search weapon In-house recruiters help physicians through the interview process — and into the best job for them. AS A PHYSICIA n , YOU HA ve SP ent A LO t OF YOU r LIF et IM e P re PA r I n G FO r t H e MOM ent w H en YOU w ILL S t A rt YOU r FI r S t " re AL" JOB. However, it is highly unlikely that you have had much time or experience actually searching for a job. But now you are ready to make a commitment to build a practice caring for patients in an organization with values that match yo ur personal values, in a community where you can live, play, raise a family and build a network of friends over a lifetime. This is more than a temporary assignment with shallow commitments. You are about to embark on a major investment that will involve a lot of other lives. You need some help. You need someone who is an expert at finding jobs for physicians. You need an in-house physician recruiter. In-house physician recruiters help physicians find jobs. They work directly for the organizations for which they recruit, and they usually live in the communities to which they are recruiting. That helps them know the integrity, values and culture of their workplace and the personality and amenities of their communities. They'll likely be one of your first contacts at the organizations you're considering, and they can help you throughout your career. What in ‑ house recruiters do In-house physician recruiters can help you: • Discover what you value in a work environment • Discover what is important to you in a community • Identify the type of practice opportunity you have envisioned for your present • Identify what practice goals you have for your future Now, you may be thinking that you don't know the answer to those four points — or maybe you do, but you won't have time to dig deep into them before you have to make a decision. That's where a great in-house recruiter is going to be your very best resource. They can help you learn about the area Your in-house recruiter wants to find an opportunity for you that fits you and their organization and community for the long haul. They want to provide you with information about what it's like to work in their organization and in their community. They are about to invite you into their family — so, for your sake and theirs, they want to be honest and transparent with you to prove a match.

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