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Summer 2019

The career development quarterly for physicians of all specialties, PracticeLink Magazine provides readers with feature articles, compensation stats, helpful job search tips—as well as recruitment ads from organizations across the U.S.

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Page 46 of 83 S UMMER 2019 47 the I nterv I ew issue Sign up today. STP19020424 Use AAFP CareerLink to: • Create a profile. • Upload your CV. • Subscribe to job notifications relevant to your interests. • Get hired. AAFP CareerLink: The premier resource for careers in family medicine Plus, it's free. be intimidating. There are no right or wrong questions, just different ways to approach the process. One easy way to start is by following this framework. 1 Consider your interests (your hobbies, passions or anything that captivates your attention): • What activities in my life kindle a fire inside? • What activities would I miss if I could no longer do them? • As a child, what types of activities did I do that led me into medicine? • If I didn't have to worry about money, what would I be doing? • What gets me riled up? What problem in the world would I most like to fix? • What topics do I find myself always arguing against or defending to others? 2 Consider your personal values (your strong beliefs, personal missions and anything else meaningful in your life): • What is something true in my life no matter what? • What would I like to avoid in my future career? • What does quality of life mean to me? • Which core value can I not compromise on? 3 Consider your personality (your temperament and preferences): • How do other colleagues, mentors and family perceive me? • What kind of work environment best suits my personality? • What work environments would feel restrictive and stifle my enjoyment of medicine? • What type of colleagues do I like working with? • What type of patients do I like caring for?

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