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52 S UMMER 2019 features and your family's priorities is one of the best ways to guide a job search. D e FI ne t H e JOB YOU w A nt For starters, what exactly is your vision for the future? Periodically reevaluating this vision can help you determine which job opportunities line up with your goals. "Understand what's important to you," recommends Paula M. Termuhlen, M.D., Regional Campus Dean at University of Minnesota Medical School, Duluth campus. "Once you have a good sense of [this], you can learn more about the organization." As you define your vision, consider the following: • Practice setting: Do you want to work in a hospital, join a group practice or go solo? • Future growth: Are you focused on clinical work, or do you aspire to research, teach or join academia? Do you want to become a partner or move into a leadership position eventually? • Salary expectations: How much do you need to earn to meet your expenses? What are your financial goals for the future? • Motivation and mission: What initially drove you to go into medicine? What experiences so far have brought you the greatest satisfaction? The least satisfaction? Do you have a personal mission? • Location: Do you thrive in a certain climate or region? Are you up for relocating, or do you have ties to a certain place? Is there a particular patient population you're especially interested in serving? • Lifestyle: What type of schedule works best for you? What are your obligations outside of work? What times Be prepared to speak eloquently about any part of your CV during your interview, says Christa Zehle, M.D. Review important dates and research before you go. See this issue's physicians in exclusive video interviews at PHOTO BY Jaclyn Schmitz

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