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8 S UMMER 2019 the 2019 ANNUAL PracticeLink Magazine Interv I ew issue S u m m e r 2 0 1 9 · V O L u m e 2 9 , N u m B e r 3 LIVE & PRACTICE Austin, Texas Boise, Idaho Lewes, Delaware Rapid City, South Dakota 74 52 42 u Tiffany Shiau, M.D. PHOTO BY JONATHON e VANS p Waleed Abdelhafez, M.D. PHOTO BY B r IO YIAPAN u Christa Zehle, M.D. PHOTO BY JACLYN SCH m ITZ u David Burnham, M.D. PHOTO BY TI m OTHY GANGI DEPARTMENTS 24 Career Move: Teaching mindfulness in medicine Through retreats, a podcast, workshops and more, one physician educates others about the importance of wellness. M ARCIA T RAV el ST e AD 26 Financial Fitness: Money talks How to address the compensation discussion with prospective employers. je FF h INDS , M h A & ju STIN M o N gle R 28 Job Doctor: Your secret job-search weapon In-house recruiters help physicians through the interview process—and into the best job for them. C h AR le N e Plo TY C IA 30 Legal Matters: An insurance primer for young physicians From life to malpractice, the ins and outs of insurance are important for new physicians to know. BR u C e ARM o N & j AY W e INB e R g 32 PracticeLink Tips: How to do your pre - interview homework can help you learn more about an organization before your first call. C h RIS SCI T e S 34 Reform Recap: More drugs on the fast track The FDA uses multiple processes to bring high - value drugs to market more quickly. je FF ATKIN S o N 36 Tech Notes: 3 new medical apps These innovative apps help clinicians and patients evaluate risk and remember treatment. I l TIFAT hu SAIN , M . D . 40 Vital Stats: How tight is the job market in your specialty? The PracticeLink Physician Recruitment Index can help you gauge the relative ease or difficulty of your job search. 80 Crossword 82 Snapshot: Rashi Khanna, M.D. 69

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