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80 S UMMER 2019 ▼ T HE In T E rv IE W ISSUE How much do you remember from this issue? Many of the answers to the clues below are found in this issue's articles. Read it through, then take the crossword quiz! D E P A R T M E N T S Crossword Across 1 Emotional exhaustion, a danger when work/life balance is out, 2 words 4 Things that are important to you 7 West Coast city 9 Cure-alls 12 Line of work 13 The U in u SC and u C l A, abbr. 14 Way of life: something to check into when considering moving to an area 17 Term during which a position is held 18 Attorneys' org. 19 Ivy League university 21 Relocation ____ 22 Provide medical care for a patient 23 Spelling contest 25 British top politician 27 Show 29 Cause 33 General atmosphere 34 Quality of being open to people of all races and genders 37 The beginning of wisdom, in a Greek maxim, 2 words 41 Sign, as a contract 42 Level-headed 43 Regular payment 44 Unbending and uncompromising Down 1 Type of blood test, for short 2 Manage 3 Utilize 4 __ hospital 5 Depart, for another position perhaps 6 Carry out a plan 7 Baton Rouge university 8 Showing a new employee around an organization 10 Caribbean island 11 Bravery 12 Commend 14 Upper limit 15 Fond du ___, Wis. 16 Watch closely 20 Area for experimental work 22 Golfer's start 24 Medical TV show 26 Gives guidance 28 Expensive 30 Environment 31 Financial interest 32 Went over the contract again, e.g. 35 Less risky 36 Approved 38 ___angle 39 ID number 40 Lane, briefly Find the answers to this issue's puzzle on page 12.

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