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82 S UMMER 2019 ▼ T HE In T E rv IE W ISSUE D E P A R T M E N T S Snapshot r ashi Khanna, M.D. Employer: Cambridge Health Alliance, Boston Residency: Fairview Hospital- Cleveland Clinic (2016) In practice since: July 2016 Khanna enjoys swimming, cooking and traveling with her husband and daughter. What surprised you about your first post-residency job search? I realized that finding the right job was not easy. There were so many aspects to look into, including schedules, benefits, salary. All in all, it was an extremely time-consuming process. What's your advice for residents who are beginning their job search? Analyze and decide early what you are looking for in a job. Make sure to interview early in the season so that you have options to choose from. What was the most important factor in your search for a new job? My goal was to practice in a setting that offered teaching and academic opportunities that could help build my career along with a variety of patient populations to treat. Finding that perfect fit with a good work/life balance was a challenge. How did you find your job? I tried different modes of search including contacts, friends, the S h M career portal, internet searches… But it was PracticeLink that made it so much easier and gave me what I was looking for. At the very start, I already knew that I wanted a job in a certain city, as my husband was moving for a fellowship and I wanted to be with my family. How did PracticeLink help you in your job search? In the short duration of time that I had to find a job, it was getting difficult to look for all the opportunities out there by myself. PracticeLink was a savior. I found that PracticeLink asked all the relevant questions to narrow my job search and tailor it to exactly what I wanted. It was very helpful to be updated via emails about new job openings when they became available so that I wouldn't miss any opportunities. Any other advice? My two cents: Start early and use PracticeLink to find your ideal job, and you can't go wrong. r ashi Khanna, M.D., tried several job-search tools — but helped the most. See this issue's physicians in exclusive video interviews at PHOTO BY Matthew Guillory

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