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MARYLAND W estern Maryland Health System Pg 27 D otsy Malone (866) 362-9647 C D, END, FP, IM, UCM, PA/NP w M ASSACHUSETTS North Shore Physicians Group P g 81 M ichele Gorham ( 978) 573-4348 D , FP, HOS, IM, PCC, UCM M ISSOURI Citizens Memorial Healthcare Pg 29 D onna Shelby (417) 328-6273 D , FP, GE, IM, OTO, PEM, P, P UD, SM, U CoxHealth Pg 43 Paula Johnson (800) 869-4201 ALL, CCS, IC, D, END, FP, GO, HOS, HSO, IM, MFM, N, NEP, NS, OBG, OM, ORS, PMD, P, PCC, RHU, GS Ozarks Medical Center Pg 78 Colleen Schmidt (417) 256-1701 FP, N, ORS, P, PCC, U MONTANA Billings Clinic Pg 15 Rochelle Woods (888) 554-5922 IC, END, FP, GER, HOS, IM, N, OBG, ORS, PD, P, PUD, RHU, U NEW YORK Cayuga Medical Center Pg 42 Ginny Olsen (607) 274-4231 N, NEO, OPH, OSS, PD, PUD, R, SM, PA/NP OHIO Genesis Healthcare System Pg 24 Rhonda Creger (740) 450-6174 CTS, EM, FP, GE, HOS, IM, N, NS, OBG, ORS, TS MedCentral Health System Pg 51 Robin Schiffer (419) 526-8059 r FP, IM, PA/NP Wilson Memorial Hospital Pg 60 David Andrick CMSR/FMSD/FASPR (937) 498-5503 F P, GE, ORS, OTO OREGON WVP Health Authority P g 62 L inda Safina-Massey ( 503) 967-1165 D , END, FP, HOS, IM, PD, PEM, P, VS, PA/NP PENNSYLVANIA Also in New York Guthrie Healthcare Pg 83 Shannon Stackhouse (800) 724-1295 ALL, AI, AN, D, EM, FP, GE, HO, HOS, IM, ID, N, NS, OBG, OM, OPH, ORS, PD, PS, P, PCC, R, GS, U Mount Nittany Medical Center Pg 53 Lorelei Shaw, Director of Physician Recruitment (814) 278-4866 AN, EM, END, GE, HOS, NEP, PD, PCC, U Penn Highlands Healthcare Pg 27 Linda Cindric/Megan Hanzely (814) 768-2838 /(814) 375-4885 END, FP, GE, HOS, IM, ON, N, OBG, ORS, OTO, PD, P, PCC, GS, U, PA/NP Summit Health Pg 50 Sharon McCleary (717) 709-4756 D, FP, HOS, IM, OBG, ORS, PD, PM, RHU, U, UCM, PA/NP WellSpan Health Pg 61 Laura Myers (717) 851-5445 ALL, CTS, CD, D, EM, END, FP, GE, HOS, IM, ON, N, NS, OBG, ORS, PD, PM, P, PCC, GS, VS, U, UCM, PA/NP P MD, PD, PS, FPS, P, PUD, R O, R, RHU, GS, TS, VS, SO, U, UCM, PA/NP ILLINOIS Rush University Medical Center Pg 72 William J. Krech III (312) 942-1835 EM, HEP, HO, HOS, IM, OBG, OTO, PLM, RHU I NDIANA Also in Illinois F ranciscan Physician Network Pg 73 Physician Services (844) FPN-DOCS/(844) 376-3627 A LL IOWA Mercy Medical Center North Iowa Pg 40 Cindy Scott (641) 428-5551 D, FP, N, PCC UnityPoint Clinic Pg 2 Monica Aunan (515) 471-9304 CD, FP, HOS, IM, N, NEO, OBG, OM, OTO, PLM, PD, PM, P, PCC, RHU, GS, UCM KENTUCKY Jennie Stuart Medical Center Pg 20 Nancy Raines (270) 887-0231 ORS, OTO, GS, VS, U Pikeville Medical Center Pg 3 Andrea Robinette (606) 218-4915 CD, D, END, HOS, NEP, NS, OBG, P, GS, VS, U LOUISIANA Terrebonne General Medical Center Pg 75 Ann Dupre (985) 873-4617 END, FP, HO, IM, PUD MAINE St. Mary's Health System Pg 25 Lynn Derocher (800) 862-1766 FP, IM, ORS, P TEXAS Hendrick Medical Center Pg 41 John McMahon (325) 670-6275 END, FP, HOS, IM, N, NEP, P, U, UCM Texas Health Resources Pg 49 Greg Foster (800) 945-0430 CTS, END, FP, GER, HOS, IM, N, NEP, NS, OBG, PD, PM, P, PCC, GS, VS, U USMLEWorld, LLC Pg 28 L isa Boone (972) 887-3293 I M w Valley Baptist Medical Center Pg 52 Julie Hoelscher (800) 471-9743 CCM, CCS, FP, GE, OBG, ORS, OTR, P, GS, TRS, U V IRGINIA Carilion Clinic Pg 29 Andrea Henson (800) 856-5206 ALL SPECIALTIES WASHINGTON MultiCare Health System Pg 78 Michael Peterson (800) 621-0301 FP, GER, IM, N, OBG, OM, OP, PDO, PG, PHO, PPR, PM, P, RHU, UCM, PA/NP Pacific Medical Centers Pg 72 Jenny Hanson (877) 239-2301 D, FP, HOS, IM, P, PA/NP Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic Pg 79 Graciela Villanueva (877) 983-9247 ext. 3412 FP, IM, OBG, PD, MPD, CHP WEST VIRGINIA University Healthcare Pg 79 Tina Stover (800) 841-0533 FP, IM, N, ORS, OTO, PD, P, PCC, U SUMMER 2014 | 1 1 SUM14-EMP-INDEX_UO MAGAZINE 6/13/14 11:27 AM Page 11

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