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22 | SUMMER 2014 BY DAVID GEER Summer medical app spectacular Stay UpToDate, MedCalc-ulate, and Get Together for an AppVisit. S ummer is upon us. It's a time when patients and physicians try to get out more and catch some vitamin D-rich rays while becoming more active, too. For those actively seeking help staying current on medical research, calculating medi- cal formulas or keeping up with patient care via app-based "visits," PracticeLink Magazine presents three apps to help you do just that. MedCalc MedCalc ($1.99) and MedCalc Pro ($4.99) are available from iTunes. According to MedCalc developers Pas- cal Pf ffner, M.D., PhD and Mathias Tschopp, M.D., MedCalc and MedCalc Pro medical calculators help physicians save time while leveraging an expansive and ever-increasing variety of often complex formulas, scores and indexes. Most physicians can only memorize a handful of the formulas they use most when caring for their patients. MedCalc remembers all the formulas, accessing any of more than 300 with only a few taps on an Apple device. After presenting the mathematically derived results, MedCalc goes two steps further, interpreting calcula- tions and offering bibliographic references in support of those interpretations. MedCalc Pro adds a native iPad interface, notation of formulas and additional data, as well as a patient database for storing results, notes and captured patient images. MedCalc presents a fast, eff cient interface enabling the physician to use it at the patient's bedside, in an ambulance and in other emergency situations. Physi- cians designed and created MedCalc to meet the needs of their peers. Joel Topf, M.D., a nephrologist with St. Clair Special- ty Physicians in Detroit, says: "Nephrology is all about the numbers. I run a number of calculations daily; MedCalc is fundamental to my practice." MedCalc excels at making an enormous library of formulas available to Topf right at the point of care. "It is very simple to use and enables me to easily switch from one unit of measure to another. MedCalc meets my needs as well as any app," he says. MedCalc pro- vides supporting references for all of its formulas so Tech Notes The latest in gadgets and apps for physicians MedCalc stores more than 300 medical formulas, interprets the results and provides bibliographic references. 2 4 3 - S u m 1 4 . i n d d 2 2 243-Sum14.indd 22 6 / 1 2 / 1 4 1 : 3 4 P M 6/12/14 1:34 PM

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