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Topf knows where the tools are coming from, such as from PubMed. "MedCalc offers signif - cant time savings. Other- wise I would be searching for a copy of a formula. What was a f ve-minute procedure now takes 30 seconds." AppVisit AppMedicine, Inc. ( offers a variety of billing models depending on the type of medical practice. Email for purchase options. AppVisit is a mobile physician-patient com- munications and virtual medical appointment tool. The app facilitates medi- cal diagnosis by leveraging text messaging, email and mul- timedia e-visits in a HIPAA- compliant solu- tion, says Lisa Serwin, CEO of AppMedi- cine, Inc., which develops AppVisit. The platform uses cloud-based hosting to scale AppVisit's capacity for individual practices up to multispecialty clinics and hospitals. AppVisit requires no medical appointment, unlike video calls. Patients can open the app on their devices and immediately input information. The visits are with the patient's own trusted personal physician. A reliable mes- sage notif cation system keeps physicians aware of patient conditions, which helps them provide timely care while also reducing legal risks. AppVisit pro- vides direct patient billing for these unreimbursed remote visits, paying doctors the amount they determine. AppMedicine designed AppVisit for easy custom- ization using templates and drag-and-drop fea- tures so medical profes- sionals across a wide range of specialties can adapt it to their needs. Medical providers and physicians will f nd the app available for Android phones, the iPhone and iPad iOS 6.0 and above. Patients will f nd versions for Android tablets as well. Darren Phelan, M.D., runs a concierge style (retainer-based) medical practice in Men- lo Park, Califor- nia. "My partner and I care for 300 patients," he says. For many medical issues, patients can feel as though they may be bother- ing the doctor after hours, he explains. They may also have issues that don't require a visit or a visit after hours to urgent care. "AppVisit has created an organized 'virtual visit' that you can accomplish from your phone. It pre- asks many of the questions that the doctor would ask you on the phone, germane to the particular issue," Phelan says. Before using AppVisit, Phelan and his partner used email, with a few emails going back and SUMMER 2014 | 23 <5*5HZO/LHS[O*HYL 3LHKLYZPUOLHS[OJHYL MVYTVYL[OHU`LHYZ 6MMLYPUN! *HYKPV]HZJ\SHY ZLY]PJLJLU[LY ZXM[LTLYNLUJ` JHYLJLU[LY 4Z\YNLY` WH]PSPVU Z[HMMWO`ZPJPHUZ ,HNSL/VZWP[HSPZ[;LHT ,_WHUKPUNWO`ZPJPHU HUK577TVKLS ;LU\YLK/VZWP[HSPZ[ 4LKPJHS+PYLJ[VY 3V^WO`ZPJPHU[\YUV]LY ,Z[HISPZOLK/VZWP[HSPZ[ 7YVNYHT 0UK\Z[Y`SLHKLYZPU /VZWP[HSPZ[TLKPJPUL 5H[PVU^PKLLTWSV`LY VMWO`ZPJPHUZ -V\UKLKPU 3LHKLYZOPW[YHJRZ 3\JYH[P]L9=< JVTWLUZH[PVUTVKLS /V\ZPUNZ[PWLUK :PNUPUNIVU\Z -\SSILULÄ[WHJRHNL ;OL,(.3,(K]HU[HNL 9VJR`4V\U[5**VTT\UP[` /6:70;(30:;4,+0*05, *VHZ[HS7SHPUVM5VY[O*HYVSPUH -RLQDFRPPXQLW\RIUHVLGHQWV /RFDOFRXQWU\FOXEZLWKJROI WHQQLV\HDUURXQGVZLPPLQJ (DV\GULYHWR2XWHU%DQNV1DJ+HDG &ORVHSUR[LPLW\WR5DOHLJK'XUKDP,QWâO$LUSRUW ;VHWWS`MVYVWLUWVZP[PVUZJVU[HJ[! *PUK`-PVYP[V+PYLJ[VY7O`ZPJPHU9LJY\P[TLU[ VYFLQG\ðRULWR#HJOKSFRP =PZP[,HNSL/VZWP[HS7O`ZPJPHUZH[ZZZHJOKSFRP ([SDQG\RXU+RVSLWDOLVWFDUHHUDQG VRDUZLWK,HNSL/VZWP[HS7O`ZPJPHUZ DWDVWDWHRIDUWKHDOWKFDUHV\VWHP /PYPUN)*),04-7HUK577( Continued 2 4 3 - S u m 1 4 . i n d d 2 3 243-Sum14.indd 23 6 / 1 2 / 1 4 1 : 3 4 P M 6/12/14 1:34 PM

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