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24 | SUMMER 2014 Tech Notes | Summer medical app spectacular Continued from previous page forth to acquire the same data that one AppVisit can provide. "Otherwise, we were picking up the telephone or trying to obtain information the old fashion way," he says. Phelan found AppVisit after considering how his patients most want to communicate with him and how he can reach more of them. "HIPAA compliance is what really sold me on AppVisit," he says. "It communicates securely in an organized, logical fashion so the patient record presents the visit succinctly." Phelan's favorite feature is the check-in feature. "I can securely send the patient just a quick 'How are you do- ing?' message, which many times returns a reply of 'great' or 'f ne,' but also may give me clues early on to potential problems," he says. Phelan would like to see the ability to send in ref lls or new medications from the app. UpToDate A one-year subscription (installed on up to two devices) is $499 for individuals. MobileComplete (with offl ine access to all content) is $548 for an annual subscription. Get it at UpToDate is an evidence-based clinical decision support *HQHVLV+HDOWK6\VWHPKDVHPSOR\HHVDQGSK\VLFLDQVVHUYLFLQJFRXQWLHV LQ6RXWKHDVW2KLR,WKDVFHQWHUVRIH[FHOOHQFHLQ&DQFHU&DU DVFXODU :RPHQ V&DUH(PHUJHQF\ 7UDXPD2UWKRSHGLF&DUHDQG1HXURVFLHQFHV,WZLOO RSHQDQHZKRVSLWDOLQ *HQHVLV LV WKH ODUJHVW KHDOWK FDUH SURYLGHU LQ LWV VL[FRXQW\ UHJLRQ DQG DV VXFK VHUYHV DV WKH UHJLRQDO UHIHUUDO FHQWHU IRU WKH DUHD 2XU VWHDGIDVW FRPPLWPHQW WR GHOLYHULQJ KLJK TXDOLW\ FRPSDVVLRQDWH SDWLHQW FDUH LV UHFRJQL]HG WKURXJKRXW WKH FRXQWU\ZLWKQXPHURXVQDWLRQDODZDUGVDQGDFFUHGLWDWLRQV:HDUHSURXGRIRXUULFK KLVWRU\ RI VHUYLQJ WKH FRPPXQLW\ DQG YRZ WR FRQWLQXH WKH WUDGLWLRQ RI KHDOLQJ DQG FDULQJZLWKFRPSDVVLRQWUXVWLQQRYDWLRQDQGH[FHOOHQFH&RPHMRLQDZLQQHU -RLQRXU3K\VLFLDQ7HDPLQ2KLR 1RZUHFUXLWLQJ )RUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQFRQWDFW 5KRQGD&UHJHUDWRUUFUHJHU#JHQHVLVKFVRUJ ZZZJHQHVLVKFVRUJ &DUGLRWKRUDFLF6XUJHU\(PHUJHQF\0HGLFLQH)DPLO\0HGLFLQH*DVWURHQWHURORJ\ +RVSLWDOLVW,QWHUQDO0HGLFLQH1HXURORJ\2%*\Q2UWKRSHGLF6XUJHU\7UDXPD6XUJHU\ >OLYL`V\»YL[YLH[LK^LSS NLULZPZOJZVYN resource with accurate medical data to help even the highly trained physician stay current. The UpToDate Mobile App and UpToDate Mobile- Complete for Android, Apple and Windows 8 phones and tablets combine physician-authored clinical knowl- edge in an innovative technology package that has become integral to clinical workf ows for more than 700,000 physicians around the globe, says Andre Rebelo with Wolters Kluwer Health, maker of UpToDate. UpToDate provides an extensive, continuously updated, searchable data store of clinical content for practicing physicians. The app enables quick information retrieval using a continual login and suggested search terms. Physicians can assign bookmarks, allow auto-com- plete for search terms and save their search histories. UpToDate connects physicians to more than 10,000 topical reviews across more than 20 medical specialties. Data from UpToDate vendor Wolters Kluwer Health suggests that physicians use UpToDate more than 18 million times per month to aid their diagnostic and treat- ment decisions. This suggests a highly trusted resource. UpToDate data is peer-reviewed for accuracy and timeli- ness. Peter Chang, M.D., associate program director and academic hospitalist for the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine, also practices at Tampa General Hospital. "I needed a way to source all my medical queries— 2 4 3 - S u m 1 4 . i n d d 2 4 243-Sum14.indd 24 6 / 1 2 / 1 4 1 : 3 4 P M 6/12/14 1:34 PM

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