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SUMMER 2014 | 25 whether searching general knowledge on a medical topic or f nding the most current evidence-based guidelines," Chang says. "UpToDate meets my needs. With the advent of the UpToDate app, I have a platform I can ac- cess when I'm outside the hospital as well." Prior to using the UpToDate app, Chang used In- ternet searches, which are often unreliable. "Those responses are not uniform, and I would have to sift through a large amount of data to f nd what I needed," he says. "PubMed searches were a more reliable option, but it was time-consuming trying to gain access to the articles that those searches returned. I really had to com- mit to sitting down behind the computer to execute my searches, which was not the most eff cient method." Chang uses UpToDate on his iPhone to brush up on topics before teaching residents and students or giv- ing patient-specif c education on a particular disease process. "The UpToDate mobile app makes it much easier to access information quickly," he says. "Our residents also rely on the UpToDate app when admitting a patient." Chang uses UpToDate when researching from home. UpToDate searches often serve as a springboard for more extensive research using other evidence-based information such as journal articles. His favorite UpToDate features include UpToDate Mobile's calculators, which aid in-patient care diagno- ses. "We may need to calculate fractional excretions of sodium, MELDs or GFRs. With the UpToDate mobile app, I can pull up almost every medical formula there is, see how it is derived, and plug in patient information to perform calculations," he says. The only improvement Chang would recommend is access within the app to full journal articles rather than only the article citations and abstracts. ● David Geer is a frequent contributor to PracticeLink Magazine's Tech Notes department. )RUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQFRQWDFW /\QQ'HURFKHU /GHURFKHU#VWPDU\VPDLQHFRP ZZZVWPDU\VPDLQHFRP &XUUHQWO\6HHNLQJ )DPLO\0HGLFLQH,QWHUQDO0HGLFLQH 2UWKRSDHGLF6XUJHU\3V\FKLDWU\ $W 6W 0DU\¶V +HDOWK 6\VWHP ZH EHOLHYH LQ SURYLGLQJ RXU HPSOR\HHV ZLWK RSSRUWXQLWLHV WKDW IXO¿OO WKH VSLULW DQG FKDOOHQJH WKH PLQG 2XU VWDII LV WKH EHVW LQ WKH ¿HOG 2XU WHFKQRORJ\LVVWDWHRIWKHDUW2XUPLVVLRQLVWRFDUHIRUWKH SHRSOHZLWKFRPSDVVLRQDQGUHVSHFW:HKRSH\RX¶OOMRLQXV 3URYLGLQJWKHKLJKHVW TXDOLW\KHDOWKFDUH LQFHQWUDO0DLQH $PHPEHURI &RYHQDQW+HDOWK6\VWHPV ,QFOXGLQJ 6W$QGUH+HDOWK&DUH)DFLOLW\ %LGGHIRUG0H 6W-RVHSK+HDOWKFDUH %DQJRU0( 6W-RVHSK+RVSLWDO 1DVKXD1+ &DPSXV$YHQXH/HZLVWRQ0( Hear from recruiters in this magazine and enter to win a $500 American Express gift card at WIN UpToDate provides quick access to clinical content. 2 4 3 - S u m 1 4 . i n d d 2 5 243-Sum14.indd 25 6 / 1 3 / 1 4 9 : 3 5 A M 6/13/14 9:35 AM

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