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Objective interview questions to ask The structure of your interviews and, in turn, the opportunity to ask questions can vary consider- ably. Though there are dozens of questions you could ask, you should have a list of your top 10 so that if you have a limited window, you will always remember to pose the most important questions. Below are suggested questions, listed in order of importance: 1. What is the average payment type and ratio (Medicaid/Medicare versus private insurance plans)? 2. How does the practice as- sign patients? 3. How many hours per week will I be expected to spend seeing patients in the office and in the hospital? 4. How many patients will I be expected to see in the of- fice per day? Per week? 5. What kind of physician would be a perfect fit? 6. Will I have to go to satellite lo- cations? If yes, how often? 7. What is the anticipat- ed call schedule? 8. What is the typical age, educa- tion and socio-economic level of the patients I will see? 9. What percentage of physicians hired in the past five years are still under your em0ploy? If less than 80 percent, why do you believe this is the case? 10. How long has the position been vacant, and to what do you attribute this period? 11. What support services are of- fered by the medical practice (assigned nurses, medical lab techs, secretary, transcriptionists)? 12. If recruited to fill a perceived need, what is the evidence that the SUMMER 2014 | 27 6XSHULRUFDUH VXUSULVLQJO\FORVH )RUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQFRQWDFW'RWV\0DORQH3K\VLFLDQ6HUYLFHV5HSUHVHQWDWLYH 7HO(PDLOGPDORQH#ZPKVFRP ZZZZPKVFRP 2SSRUWXQLWLHVDYDLODEOHLQ $PNF UP 8FTUFSO .BSZMBOE BOE CF POMZ UXP IPVST GSPN8BTIJOHUPO%$1JUUTCVSHIPS#BMUJNPSF ÷([FHOOHQWVDODU\DQGEHQHðWV ÷2IðFHVORFDWHGRQ&DPSXV ÷*UHDWVFKRROVIULHQGO\FRPPXQLW\ ÷2XWGRRUUHFUHDWLRQLQFOXGLQJJROðQJ ELNLQJKLNLQJðVKLQJERDWLQJ 8FTUFSO.BSZMBOEJTBTDFOJDBOEIJTUPSJDBSFBUIBUPGGFST FOEMFTTPVUEPPSBNFOJUJFTBOEBEWFOUVSFT0QQPSUVOJUJFT GPS CJLJOH IJLJOH CPBUJOH TLJJOH BOE mTIJOH BSF KVTU BGFX(PPETDIPPMTBOEGSJFOEMZOFJHICPSTNBLFUIJT ZPVSDIPJDFGPSBQMBDFUPIBWFRVBMJUZPGMJGF *HYKPVSVN` ,UKVJYPUVSVN` -HTPS`4LKPJPUL 0U[LYUHS4LKPJPUL

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