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RELATED: Is your CV helping you? A prospective physician hire customarily meets with multiple physicians and staff during the inter- view process. If the physician is misrepresenting facts, this will likely be discovered when the inter- viewers compare notes or when checking references or doing a background check. Don't: Get stuck in a rut DATING CAN BE HARD and frustrating. Finding the right job can have the same challenges. A physician who dreams of being in private practice may ultimately real- ize that being in an academic environment is the better f t, or vice versa. For Chimes, the "goal is to determine how you view your- self as part of the 'couple.' I really enjoyed my time in an academic medical center and the opportunity to teach was in- valuable. After joining a small medical practice, I re- ally feel like I have found my professional niche." If you're not satisf ed in your current job setting, don't be afraid to explore different opportunities. There is nothing wrong with looking for a new prac- tice. Before engaging in a serious job hunt, howev- er, understand any post-employment restrictions in your current job and revise your search accordingly. Don't: Be a critic GOSSIPING ON A DATE will likely result in the same outcome on a job interview: rejection. On any job interview, it is important to stay positive. Keep nega- tive thoughts to yourself and maintain composure and professional behavior during the entire interview process. Every employer has f aws or issues a new physician hire thinks could be done better or differ- ently. But don't be overtly critical or condescending of the prospective employer. Though it may be tempting to offer a prospec- tive solution to a problem, be mindful and deliber- of nature and the outdoors," he says. Try and try again. If the f rst interview does not go as planned, use that as a learning moment and work on addressing those shortcomings when you get the next opportunity. Practice your interview skills with friends. Walk through a series of questions and ask a friend to provide constructive feedback on the answers you pro- vide and the f ow of the conversation. George Belecanech, M.D., is a shareholder in The Asthma Center, a multisite practice with off ces in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. For Belecanech, working with a team player is es- sential. "We work in an environment that can be stress- ful and are often working alone in one of our off ces. A physician must be conf dent, collegial and willing to work in a way to promote the best interests of the prac- tice," he says. As you would in a dating situation, compile a mental checklist of the things you like and dislike in a pro- spective employer. The ideal job should include more "likes" than "dislikes." Don't: Misrepresent yourself JUST AS IN DATING , honesty is key. Be honest with prospective employers. Your CV should be accurate and current, and you should be prepared to discuss each s t a t e m e n t that you list. If there are miss- ing dates in your CV, a prospective employer is likely going to ask you questions to better understand the professional history and sequence of events. The interview process is an extended conversation with a prospective employer. "Character traits like hon- esty and integrity are critical elements when making an evaluation of a prospective hire," Belecanech says. "I need to know I can trust my physician colleagues. Candor and mutual respect are important skills when dealing with others, and we expect our physicians to have these traits." 38 | SUMMER 2014 Continued on page 41 Finding The One Continued from page 36 2 4 3 - S u m 1 4 . i n d d 3 8 243-Sum14.indd 38 6 / 1 2 / 1 4 1 : 5 7 P M 6/12/14 1:57 PM

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