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6 | SUMMER 2014 Dear Physician, It's tempting to think—after you've completed your interviews, chosen your dream practice and signed all the paperwork—that you're done. And though it's true that you may be at the end of an important search and the start of your next big adventure, really, you've only just begun. You see, once the interviews are over, your new career begins. But before you get to that career-building place, there are those interviews to conquer. Helping you ace them is the focus of this, PracticeLink Magazine's Second Annual Interview Issue. In "Finding The One" (page 34), health care attorney Bruce Armon takes a humorous look at how the physician interview process can mirror dating, with identical do's and don'ts. The similarities he found between choosing your next practice and choosing a mate are striking. It takes conf dence to get a date—and an interview. In her article, "You got this: Interviewing with conf dence," Marcia Horn Noyes shares physicians' advice about how to approach interviews with conf dence, even if you're new to the job-hunt f eld. Like the advice of those who have been down the same path? Then take a read through Chris Hinz's feature "Take it from me..." (page 54) for more tips from physicians about building a post-residency career. Interviewing takes f nesse, skill and conf dence. We hope this issue helps you navigate your interviews with ease. Learning the ins and outs of the process is worth it; there's a career waiting on the other side. PracticeLink Magazine was recently named Publication of the Year from the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors (ASHPE), which recognizes the best publications in all of health care! Editor's Note Keep smiling, Laura Hammond Editor | 2014 Annual Interview ISSUE /LYH :RUN LQ%HDXWLIXO 1RUWK&HQWUDO $UNDQVDV >OP[L9P]LY/LHS[O:`Z[LT PZHKP]LYZLOLHS[OJHYL VYNHUPaH[PVUZLY]PUNHU LPNO[JV\U[`HYLHVMTVYL [OHU[OH[PUJS\KLZ )H[LZ]PSSL4V\U[HPU=PL^ HUK*OLYVRLL=PSSHNL (YRHUZHZ/LYL`V\»SSÄUKH M\SÄSSPUNJHYLLYHUKHSPMLZ[`SL ^LSSZ\P[LK[V[OVZL^OV LUQV`V\[KVVYHJ[P]P[PLZ ;OLJVTT\UP[`VMMLYZHU HMMVYKHISLJVZ[VMSP]PUN X\HSP[`ZJOVVSZ`Z[LTZHUK YLZPKLU[Z^P[OHMYPLUKS` ^LSJVTPUNUH[\YL 6WWVY[\UP[PLZ! ,TLYNLUJ`4LKPJPUL-HTPS`4LKPJPUL /VZWP[HSPZ[0U[LYUHS4LKPJPUL 6IZ[L[YPJZ.`ULJVSVN` .LULYHS:\YNLY` *VU[HJ[! 4LN(UUL;V^UZLUK 7O`ZPJPHU9LJY\P[LY >OP[L9P]LY/LHS[O:`Z[LT )H[LZ]PSSL(9 3VJHS! -H_! T[V^UZLUK'^YTJJVT ^^^^OP[LYP]LYOLHS[OZ`Z[LTJVT 2 4 3 - S u m 1 4 . i n d d 6 243-Sum14.indd 6 6 / 1 2 / 1 4 5 : 4 4 P M 6/12/14 5:44 PM

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