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SUMMER 2014 | 51 doomed," writes Kronhaus. Professional references: The good, bad and necessary T o get your dream practice, in the dream location, do- ing the work you have always dreamed of doing, you must be prepared. That preparation goes beyond superior education, ex- emplary training and possession of the skills and certif cations necessary for the position. You must also have medical profes- sionals readily available to write positive letters of reference and to speak on your behalf. Your references will be called. Anson says, "You will not be hired in an employment model or income-guaranteed model without references being checked." Quite often, the group to which you apply may person- ally know at least one of your listed references. "It all goes back to being connected," says Palmer, who made it a point to use references that personally knew physicians within the group to which he applied. Some physicians, like Adam Ylitalo, D.O. say that references are not terribly important in the decision to hire—but, he says, "Those references were all asked about me." What recruiters want to see in a reference B efore off cially presenting a job offer, the employer or group will contact your profes- sional references. These refer- ence checks are evaluated in different ways. Anson says some employers personally interview the reference, while others may f ll in a form while the refer- ence recounts the details of the applicants' training. Yet another follow-up tactic frequently used is to send a form to the refer- ence to be completed about the applicant. Being selective in your refer- ence choices is imperative. For NOW SEEKING Family Medicine Internal Medicine Specialists Nurse Practioner Physician Assistant Nestled in rolling Ohio hills an hour from Cleveland and Columbus, MedCentral Health System offers cutting- edge care typically found only in large metropolitan hospitals. Enjoy exceptional opportunities for career challenge and growth surrounded by excellent schools, parks, lakes, golf courses and the arts. Learn more at or call (419) 526-8059. Specialize in living at MedCentral. Continued 2 4 3 - S u m 1 4 . i n d d 5 1 243-Sum14.indd 51 6 / 1 3 / 1 4 9 : 2 2 A M 6/13/14 9:22 AM

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