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58 | SUMMER 2014 recommends doing the same due diligence about your clinical re- sponsibilities. In addition to being an assistant professor, this gastroen- terology-epidemiology subspecialist would be treating patients in Loyola's Maywood, Illinois-based clinic. So while she wasn't shy in asking fellow physicians if they had appropriate resources, talking to nurses, nurse managers and other ancillary staffers would have been helpful, too. "At the end of the day," she says, "if you're bogged down doing extra administra- tive work, or you don't have people to help you in other ways, you can't focus on your career priorities." During her f rst job search, Buck- ley, who is now director of Acute Care Surgery at Annapolis, Mary- land-based Anne Arundel Medical Center, concentrated on the sur- roundings: What was the shape of the OR? How bright were the lights? Did the linoleum f oor have cracks? At the time, scoping out the physi- cal environment seemed important, albeit in hindsight was "very superf - cial." So during her next search, she paid less attention to the facility per se and more attention to the profes- sionals in it. By focusing a keen eye on her future work mates, she had a much better gauge of the culture and cohesiveness of the group. "In the middle of the night, whether or not you have a shiny f oor in the OR isn't as important as having a nurse who's happy to be there, pulling your instruments," Buckley says. "That was kind of lost on me in the begin- ning. But now I understand that it's very important." The interview: Dig deep Because the mission of any interview is to get a job offer, you want to do everything in your power to convince the hiring physicians that you under- stand the practice's needs and are a great f t. At the same time, you want to cover your own issues. But what did physicians who've maneuvered interviews in the past overlook that you should set your sights on? While focusing on the physical and technological plusses of each potential employer, it can be easy to take your eyes off another ball—the stability of the practice and your fu- ture f nances. New physicians should pay less attention to the immediate money and more to the longer-term deal and prospects for building a successful practice. That requires getting the inside scoop on compen- sation models as well as future salary increases, bonuses and restructured deals. How will they be f gured? And how would production and the payer mix factor into earnings? Even as the Affordable Care Act changes the payer landscape in ways not yet fully understood, you need to know how private pay versus Medicaid and Medicare might f gure into your caseload, collections and ul- timately your pay. And with compen- sation often reliant on the traff c you generate, make sure that you'll see your fair share of new patients and What I wish I'd known Continued from page 56 "You need to get down exactly what you're going to be doing and where you're going to be doing it," Pokabla says. "Make sure that you understand their plan and that it matches yours." BRINGING TOGETHER HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS 72)857+(5*2'n6.,1*'20 C M D A C M D A P L A C E M E N T P L A C E M E N T S E R V I C E S S E R V I C E S 32%R[Ć%ULVWRO71 ZZZ :H H [ L V W W R J O R U L I \ * R G E \ S O D F L Q J K H D O W K F D U H S U R I H V V L R Q D O V D Q G D V V L V W L Q J W K H P L Q I L Q G L Q J * R G ¶ V Z L O O I R U W K H L U F D U H H U V 2XUJRDOLVWRSODFHKHDOWKFDUH SURIHVVLRQDOVLQDQHQYLURQPHQWWKDWZLOOHQFRXU DJHPLQLVWU\DQGDOVREHSOHDVLQJWR*RG :H P D N H F R Q Q H F W L R Q V D F U R V V W K H 8 6 I R U S K \ V L F L D Q V G H Q W L V W V R W K H U S U R Y L G H U V D Q G S U D F W L F H V :H KDYH DQ HVWDEOLVKHG QHWZRUN FRQVLVWLQJ RI KXQGUHGV RI RSSRUWXQLWLHVLQYDULRXVVSHFLDOWLHV

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