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60 | SUMMER 2014 What I wish I'd known Continued from page 58 Autonomy… security … and a great place to practice is what you'll fi nd with Wilson Memorial Hospital. Practice medicine your way… in Sidney, Ohio Join our hospital team with the independence of Private Practice and the advantages of Hospital Employment. Enhanced compensation and amazing benefi ts help you reach fi nancial goals quickly, and full support of an experienced practice management group and supportive administration help you develop your own practice philosophy. Great private and public schools • Affordable housing • Lakes and recreation • Just 2 hours from Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo Contact: David Andrick, CMSR/FMSD/FASPR Director of Physician Recruitment 937-498-5503 We now have practice opportunities in: Family Medicine Gastroenterologist Orthopedics Otolaryngology ^^^^H[ZVUJSPUPJJVT 5LZ[SLK)L[^LLU;HTWH)H`)LHJOLZHUK6YSHUKV([[YHJ[PVUZ 7RDSSO\IRUDSUDFWLFHRSSRUWXQLW\SOHDVHVHQG\RXU&9WR6KDURQ3DXO VSDXO#ZDWVRQFOLQLFFRP÷ >H[ZVU*SPUPJJVU[PU\LZ[VYHPZL[OLIHYI`ZLSLJ[PUN TLKPJHSZ[HMM[OH[HYL[OLTVZ[[HSLU[LKHUKWYVTPZPUN ¶]PZPVUHYPLZMYVT[OLÄULZ[TLKPJHSZJOVVSZHYV\UK[OL JV\U[Y`0[OHZL]VS]LKPU[VVULVM[OLSHYNLZ[HUKTVZ[ Z\JJLZZM\STLKPJHSNYV\WZPU[OL:V\[OLHZ[^P[OV]LY WO`ZPJPHUZWYHJ[PJPUNPU ZWLJPHS[PLZHUKVMMLYZH^LHS[O VMZ[YLUN[OZHUKILULÄ[Z[VWO`ZPJPHUZZLLRPUNHOVTLMVY [OLPYWYHJ[PJL >P[O`LHYYV\UKTVKLYH[L ^LH[OLYKH`ZVM Z\UZOPULHUKZVTLVM [OLJV\U[Y`»ZILZ[ZWVY[Z [LHTZHUK^VYSKYLUV^ULK H[[YHJ[PVUZ3HRLSHUK*LU[YHS -SVYPKHPZHUPKLHSWSHJL [VSP]L>L^LSJVTL`V\Y PU[LYLZ[HUKPU]P[L`V\[V JVU[HJ[\ZMVYTVYLKL[HPSZ 67769;<50;0,:!+LYTH[VSVN`+LYTH[VWH[OVSVN`/VZWP[HSPZ[ -HTPS`4LKPJPUL5L\YVSVN`;V[HS1VPU[6Y[OVWLKPJ:\YNLY` 9OL\TH[VSVN`=HZJ\SHY:\YNLY`7O`ZPJPHU(ZZ[5\YZL7YHJ[P[PVULY 5V:[H[L 0UJVTL;H_ that there's room for your skills. After completing his general surgery residency in 2003, Rick Ngo, M.D., FACS, snagged his f rst job at a busy Houston practice. Because the doc- tors pitched the need for an extra surgeon, he thought he'd be tapping into their patient overf ow—in addi- tion to his own new cases—in building his practice base. That, however, was not the case. He was more dependent on generating his own volume than as- suming their extras. When Ngo moved on seven years later to his present Houston practice, Southwest Surgical Associates, he not only knew enough to press about patient allocation, but also had established a positive reputa- tion in the community—so netting a stream of new cases wouldn't be an issue. "I'm glad that I built up my own base," Ngo says. "But I wish I had done a better job during that f rst search in determining how I was going to build my clientele. It was an im- portant lesson that I think every new doctor needs to learn." Lili Lustig, D.O., ACOFP wishes now that she had focused like a laser on how future rewards would be calcu- lated when negotiating her f rst job in 2012 at South Pointe Hospital based in Warrensville Heights, Ohio. As a soon- to-be faculty member of the hospital's expanded osteopathic family residency program, she wasn't concerned about the formula her bosses would use to decide such items as salary increases and bonuses. But how would produc- tion f gure into the mix, especially since her time is divided between clinical and educational pursuits? Although tracking patient traff c is relatively easy to quantify, precepting family medicine residents is trickier 2 4 3 - S u m 1 4 . i n d d 6 0 243-Sum14.indd 60 6 / 1 3 / 1 4 9 : 4 3 A M 6/13/14 9:43 AM

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