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62 | SUMMER 2014 What I wish I'd known Continued from previous page John Villacis, M.D., is happy that his search in 2004 netted his current position as an allergist/immunologist for The Austin (Texas) Diagnostic Clinic. After his interview process, though, he realized that he should have clarif ed the non-compete's distance requirement. Since the mul- tispecialty practice's 117 physicians are spread in satellite sites through- out the metropolitan area, it made a difference which address would be used to satisfy the "within X miles" provision. If every location were in- cluded, he'd have to leave the city to set up another practice. Fortunately, Villacis's contract provided a primary off ce address, which would be used for calculating the non-compete dis- tance. That would leave him plenty of space to practice in Austin—in the unlikely event he decided to move on. "Part of me felt like I was wasting their time asking a lot of questions," he says. "But in retrospect, I realize that it's really important to have all of your concerns addressed." Indeed, be professional in all your dealings, but also assertive in your requests. You might be f um- moxed as to how far you should go in interrogating your interrogators, but remember that interviews are two- way streets. As long as your ques- tions don't interfere with HIPPA compliance or require privileged information, everything should be on the table. You don't want to leave the interview disappointed that you didn't get your concerns addressed. So broach your concerns with the same fervor you use to demonstrate why you and the job are a f t. As a molecular pathologist, Delecia LaFrance, M.D., FASCP knew she had specialized knowledge. But as a 2UHJRQ \RXEHORQJKHUH ,QWKHEHDXWLIXO:LOODPHWWH9DOOH\\RX¶UHLQWKHKHDUW RI2UHJRQ¶VZLQHFRXQWU\$QKRXUIURPWKHEHDFK DQG PRXQWDLQV PLQXWHV VRXWK RI 3RUWODQG DQG MXVW KRXUV IURP WKH UXJJHG EHDXW\ RI WKH2UHJRQKLJKGHVHUW²\RXZLOOZDQWWRFDOOWKLV KRPH ([FHOOHQW VFKRROV DIIRUGDEOH YLHZ KRPHV JROI FRXUVHV JUHDW IDPLO\RULHQWHG OLIHVW\OH ZLWK D PXOWLWXGHRIRXWGRRUDFWLYLWLHVDOO\HDUORQJ 6SHFLDOWLHV&XUUHQWO\2SHQ 3K\VLFLDQV 7UDGLWLRQDOSUDFWLFHVHWWLQJ± 'HUPDWRORJ\(QGRFULQRORJ\)DPLO\0HGLFLQH ,QWHUQDO0HGLFLQH3HGLDWULFV3V\FKLDWU\ 9DVFXODU6XUJHU\+RVSLWDOLVWDQG1RFWXUQLVWIRU )0,0 0HG3HGV 1XUVH3UDFWLWLRQHU )DPLO\0HGLFLQH 3V\FKLDWU\ 3K\VLFLDQ$VVLVWDQW )DPLO\0HGLFLQH 6HQG\RXU&9WR /LQGD OVD¿QDPDVVH\#PYLSDRUJ &DOO 9LVLW ZZZZYSKHDOWKDXWKRULW\RUJ Contact info: Kelli Mercado, MS, PA 623-374-7774 ext 1 For career consideration, please email your resumé to: MD24 House Call is a network of Physicians, Specialists, Nurse Practioners and Physician Assistants that provide medical services to residents in senior retirement communities. We bring the doctor to the patient in assisted, independent, group home and memory care communities. Working in partnership with national laboratories, medical services and local pharmacies MD24 brings comprehensive on-site coordinated care to residents; alleviating the stress and hassle of transportation and wait time issues often involved with doctor visits. Equipped with one of the most sophisticated health care delivery platforms customized to meet the specifi c needs of our elderly population, our physicians can be virtually anywhere and provide the quality of care necessary to ensure improved health. PROGRAM Podiatry Psychiatry Care Wound Care Eye Care Transitional Care Fall Prevention Coumadin Care Pain Management Diabetes Care 2 4 3 - S u m 1 4 . i n d d 6 2 243-Sum14.indd 62 6 / 1 3 / 1 4 9 : 4 3 A M 6/13/14 9:43 AM

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