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8 | SUMMER 2014 President's Note Dear Physician, WHEN YOU'RE FROM A SMALL TOWN, YOU NOTICE WHEN NEW PEOPLE ARRIVE. So when my wife, Julie, and I noticed a nice young family out to dinner in our hometown of Hinton, West Virginia (where PracticeLink is headquartered), we stopped to chat. The family had just purchased a summer home near Hinton on the beautiful Greenbrier River not far from PracticeLink and were exploring what our town had to offer. We were all in for quite a treat. The couple, it turns out, are both physicians. They were surprised to learn that their new summer home was just up the river from PracticeLink's main off ce. And we were surprised to be meeting some of PracticeLink's fans at dinner! You see, Dr. Chad Turner registered with PracticeLink back in 2005, and found his job with a Federally Qualif ed Health Center by using He raved especially appreciated the ability to target his job search by zip code, as the location of any new practice was of utmost importance. When we stopped to think of all the healing Dr. Turner has brought to the small West Virginia town where he's based, to think of all the people who he has helped, and to think it started with a visit to—it's amazing, really. Thanks, Dr. Turner, for sharing your story. And thank you, readers, for helping us make stories like this happen all over the country and for choosing to use PracticeLink in your search for your dream practice. Sincerely, Ken Allman Founder, CEO, President, PracticeLink Photo by Geoff Story I'd love to hear from you. Please email with your comments, questions and other feedback about PracticeLink. 6800(5 ,QWHUYLHZ $118$/ ,668( 7DNHLW IURPPH :KDWSK\VLFLDQVZLVKWKH\âG NQRZQEHIRUHVWDUWLQJWKHLUVHDUFK IRUWKHLUGUHDPSUDFWLFH c 5IF$BSFFS"EWBODFNFOU3FTPVSDFGPS1IZTJDJBOT 1SBDUJDF-JOLDPN Y ou got this: Interviewing with confdence c )LQGLQJ 7KH2QH 30=,(5+79(*;0*,c .0=,(>(@c *HW\RXUERDWV ZDWHUORYLQJWRZQV :LQD JLIWFDUG 35$&7,&(23325781,7,(6 ,QGH[HGE\ORFDWLRQFRPSDQ\DQG VSHFLDOWLHVEHLQJUHFUXLWHG 38%/,&$7,212)7+(<($5 $0(5,&$162&,(7<2)+($/7+&$5(38%/,&$7,21(',7256 /V^PU[LY]PL^PUNHUKKH[PUN HYLZPTPSHY c Interview (Summer) Contracts and Compensation (Fall) Quality of Life (Winter) Job Search (Spring) Look for our themed issues to help you with important topics throughout the year: 2014 Annual Interview ISSUE The Turner Family 2 4 3 - S u m 1 4 . i n d d 8 243-Sum14.indd 8 6 / 1 3 / 1 4 9 : 2 4 A M 6/13/14 9:24 AM

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