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N avigating the world of physician recruit- ment as a job-seeker can be quite challenging. There are many companies, websites, agencies… how do you know with whom you're working? You realize that you have to return some emails and take some phone calls, but which ones? You know that you should start considering where you want to practice and start making efforts toward fnding a job, but where do you start? Who is there to help? Since you are reading this article, you already have one of the many free tools that provides to empower you with informa- tion and support you in fnding a practice that is right for you, your family, your interests and your career! At PracticeLink, we are not physician recruiters. We are not compensated on whether or not you are hired. Nor are we are involved in any of your negotiations. Instead, we are the meeting ground for you and a variety of opportunities across the nation that might be good fts. We are here to provide you with career advancement information and job options that ft your desires and your needs so that you can make all of the decisions! More than 5,000 health care facilities nationwide post their job opportunities on PracticeLink. Our network is comprised of both in-house physician recruiters and third-party recruiters (also known as agency or search frm recruit- ers). With PracticeLink, it's totally up to you to choose with whom you work in your job search. In-house physician recruiters are employed by the health care facilities they represent to fnd candidates for the opportunities there. In-house recruiters usually live in the communities they serve, making them uniquely qualifed to determine which providers will be good long- term fts. They are primarily paid salaries from the organization, not a commission based on hires. Third-party, agency or search frm recruit- ers are contracted by health care organizations to fnd candidates for a fee. Retained frms are paid an ongoing stipend to conduct searches on behalf of the hiring organizations. Contingency frms are paid on a per-candidate basis—sometimes upwards Smart ways to use PracticeLink to advance your career PracticeLink Tips By BRIAN BROWN Who's recruiting you? Being aware of the nuances of physician recruitment can help you take control of your job search. What's the diference between in‑house recruiters and third parties? IN‑ HOUSE RECRUITERS (a.k.a. internal or staff recruiters) are employed by the health care organization for which they're recruiting. They usually live in the towns where the open jobs are located, so they tend to be more familiar with the organizations and their communities. THIRD‑ PARTY RECRUITERS (a.k.a. external or agency recruiters or search frms) are contracted on a contingency or retained basis by health care organizations to fnd physician candidates. Third‑party recruiters, whose services are generally free to physicians, are then paid by the hiring organizations. 36 | FALL 2014

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