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FALL 2014 | 89 therapeutic options that can help doctors determine best treatment options. A third example is its mili- tary partnership to train medical personnel to meet requirements necessary for deployment. A second related program helps nurses transition into military service. Heisler remembers his days as an employee practitioner at the Shea location, where he worked for two years before opening his own offce. "When I started at Shea," he says, "I had nine admissions one weekend, and that was 60 percent of the hos- pital census." Not anymore. When he and three colleagues opened a practice much farther north, he recalls, "there was one other doctor up here, and we were saying, 'Why did we want to go up north when there's nobody up there?' We did it—and really got busy pretty fast." The current swelling population may blur the fact that the mountains stand sentinel throughout the whole metro area, not to mention nearby stands of Ponderosa Pines, the Tonto National Forest and the McDowell Mountain Regional Park and the 30,000-acre McDowell Sonoran Preserve with superb natural sites. All offer hiking and/or biking possibilities. Scottsdale residents have seen some ups and downs over the years. Once upon a time, a southern section along Scottsdale Road was dubbed the Motor Mile because of its many auto dealers. Its companion was a mega-shopping mall. As the car kingdom moved away, the mall closed. However, a few years later, along came SkySong, the Arizona State University Innovation Center. Passersby can't help but notice the massive canvas wings covering the entrance to the frst building, which is being joined by offce buildings and a variety of residential properties. Not far away are other mammoth undertakings, especially the Scottsdale Fashion Square and a development of high-rise apartment buildings along the canal that fows through the city. In the meantime, Shea Boulevard and vicinity has emerged as the Cure Corridor, encouraging partner- ships among biotechnology companies and the two healthcare facilities on the street. In some places, climates akin to summer in Ari- zona may bring on lassitude. But not in Scottsdale, where newcomers keep arriving—and people keep plowing ahead. l Eileen Lockwood is a regular contributor to PracticeLink Magazine. Photo by Jack Haskell Above, from the patio of Scottsdale's Silverado Golf Course looms Four Peaks Wilderness, 40 miles north of Scottsdale. The Peaks contain a mine that produces top-grade amethyst. Right, teams from all over enjoy the 71-acre Scottsdale Sports Complex. Bring the suncreen — the area gets more than 330 sunny days a year. Photo by Scottsdale Soccer

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