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winter 2015 11 Pikeville Medical Center Pg 66 Andrea Robinette (606) 218-4915 D, EM, END, HOS, N, OBG, U, VS MARYLAND Western Maryland Health System Pg 41 Dotsy Malone (866) 362-9647 DIA, FP, IM, P, PA/NP, UCM MASSACHUSETTS Hallmark Health Medical Associates Pg 78 Alison Martin (781) 338-7505 FP, IM, P, PYG Signature Healthcare Pg 46 Cari Chaves (508) 941-7568 FP, HOS, IM, OBS Southcoast Health System Pg 82 Christine Loesch (508) 985-2112 CRS, D, DIA, FP, GE, GS, HOS, ID, IM, N, NEP, ORS, P, PD, PM, RHU, TRS, U, UCM, VS MINNESOTA Fairview Health Services Pg 41 Physician and Advanced Practice Recruitment (800) 842-6469 A, D, EM, FP, GS, HOS, IM, MPD, OBG, ORS, P, PLM, PMD, RHU, UCM MISSOURI Citizens Memorial Healthcare Pg 19 Donna Shelby (417) 328-6273 D, END, FP, GE, IC, OTO, P, PUD, SM, U CoxHealth Pg 36 Paula Johnson (800) 869-4201 ALL, FP, GO, HOS, IM, MFM, N, OBG, ORS, P, PCC, PD, PMD, RHU, U Ozarks Medical Center Pg 83 Colleen Schmidt (417) 256-1701 EM, FP, N, OBG, P, RO, U NEBRASKA Sidney Regional Medical Center Pg 78 Janell Wicht (308) 249-4930 NEW YORK Cayuga Medical Center Pg 27 Ginny Olsen (607) 274-4231 FP, GE, IM, N, OPH, RHU GoHealth Urgent Care Cover Wrap John Larson (704) 619-8068 FP, UCM NORTH CAROLINA Cone Health Pg 83 Rebekah Driggers (336) 832-7621 EM, FP, GE, HO, HOS, IM, NDP, OBG, P, PCC, PDS, U, UCM, VN Park Ridge Health Pg 29 Emily Ducat (828) 687-5668 OHIO Wilson Memorial Hospital Pg 29 David Andrick CMSR/FMSD/FASPR (937) 498-5503 FP, GE, ORS, PD OREGON WVP Health Authority Pg 18 Linda Safi na-Massey (503) 967-1165 lsafi AI, D, DIA, FP, IM, NP, P, PA/NP, PD, VS PENNSYLVANIA Evangelical Community Hospital Pg 40 Dennis Burns (570) 522-2739 AN, CCM, D, FP, GE, HOS, N, PA/NP, PCC, PD Mount Nittany Medical Center Pg 70 Lorelei Shaw, Director of Physician Recruitment (814) 278-4866 DIA, FP, GE, OTO, PUD, RHU, U Penn Highlands Healthcare Pg 50 Linda Cindric/Megan Hanzely (814) 768-2838/(814) 375-4885 EM, FP, GE, GS, HOS, IM, NPM, ORS, OTO, PCC, RHU, U Penn State Hershey Medical Center Pg 76 Marc Powell (717) 531-4386 D, FP, IM, N, ON, P, PD, RO, U, VS Summit Health Pg 26 Sharon McCleary (717) 709-4756 D, EM, FP, GE, HO, HOS, IM, N, NEP, NPM, ORS, PA/ NP, PD, PM, RHU, U, UCM WellSpan Health Pg 40 Laura Myers (717) 851-5445 ALL, CD, D, DIA, EM, FP, GE, GS, HOS, IM, N, NPM, NS, OBG, ON, ORS, P, PA/ NP, PCC, PD, PM, PS, U, UCM, VS SOUTH CAROLINA Greenville Health System Pg 84 Kendra Hall (800) 772-6987 ALL TENNESSEE ETSU Quillen College of Medicine Pg 19 Karen Heaton (423) 439-6367 END TEXAS Hendrick Medical Center Pg 18 Justin Crowe (325) 670-6275 DIA, FP, HOS, IM, N, NEP, P, U, UCM Texas Health Resources Pg 13 Greg Foster (800) 945-0430 FP, HOS, IM, N, OBG, OPH, P, PCC, PD VIRGINIA Carilion Clinic Pg 51 Andrea Henson (800) 856-5206 ALL MDR Healthcare Search Pg 21 Erin Elliot-Hill, CMSR (305) 567-0852 FP, IM, MPD WASHINGTON Kadlec Health System Pg 76 Kadlec Physician Recruitment (509) 942-2115 DBP, FP, GE, HOS, IM, NP, OTO, PD, PM, RHU, VS MultiCare Health System Pg 84 Michael Peterson (800) 621-0301 END, FP, IM, N, NPM, OBG, P, PA/NP, PHO, PPR, UCM Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic Pg 85 Graciela Villanueva (877) 983-9247 Ext. 3412 CHP, FP, IM, NP, OBG, PD WEST VIRGINIA University Healthcare Pg 85 Tina Stover (800) 841-0533 AN, FP, HOS, IM, OPH, ORS, OTO, P, PD, UCM To learn more about these opportunities, visit Please tell them you found them in PracticeLink Magazine! EmployerIndex Organized by state

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