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8 winter 2015 Dear Physician, Hungry, humble and smart. You may have read it here before, but it's a mantra worth repeating. It's worth the reminder that great candidates and great employers are hungry, humble and smart. Keep those qualities in mind as you focus your job search, and you'll land at a practice that gives you the ability to practice great medicine while having the freedom to build a great quality of life. And showing those qualities throughout your interactions with potential employers will make you stand out above the rest. When you put the focus on hungry, humble and smart, you'll be able to see beyond the black- and-white employment contract and benefts package into the "softer" side of what an opportunity has to offer. Do you ft well into the community? Does it give you the ability to support your family's needs and your passions outside of work? Do you respect your colleagues, and can you envision collaborating with them in the future? Find a place that offers both a great quality of practice and a great quality of life, and you'll have hit the jackpot. This past year has brought a wealth of recognition to PracticeLink through various awards and honors—the result of lots of hard work throughout our company. But perhaps the recognition I'm most proud of is that PracticeLink was recently named a Top 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare. The program is conducted by Modern Healthcare each year, and we're thrilled to be acknowledged. Awards are just the sprinkles on top of the icing of an already tasty cake. But a recognition like the Top 100 Best Places to Work is made even sweeter because it can only be achieved by all of our teams working together, and every team member embracing hungry, humble and smart. We invite you to start your search for a practice that meets these qualities at There, you'll fnd more than 17,000 physician opportunities from more than 5,000 hospitals, health care systems and medical groups. Many of them, too, strive to provide a uniquely wonderful work and life combination. We're grateful for the opportunity to help you discover them. Good luck in your search, and we look forward to helping you at Photo by Geoff Story P.S. I'd love to hear from you. Please email with your comments, questions and other feedback about PracticeLink. Interview (Summer) Contracts & Compensation 2014 ANNUAL LIVE AND PRACTICE | 71 Kick off your job search in these 4 soccer cities! FALL 2014 $10 The Career Advancement Resource for Physicians Facing the trend: Preparing for value-based compensation models | 48 PRACTICE OPPORTUNITIES Indexed by location, company and specialties being recruited 9, 11, 12-13, 94-99 2014 PUBLICATION OF THE YEAR! AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HEALTHCARE PUBLICATION EDITORS 10 things physicians need to know about their employment contracts | 38 ISSUE Confident negotiations | 60 Contracts and Compensation (Fall) Quality of Life (Winter) Job Search (Spring) Look for our themed issues to help you with important topics throughout the year: Ken Allman, MBA, CMSR, FMSD Founder, CEO, President, PracticeLink President'sNote 2 0 1 5 AN N UAL Quality of Life issue

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