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10 winter 2015 MULTISTATE American Academy of Family Physicians Pg 38 Cindy Worden (800) 274-2237 FP Army Reserve Medical Corps. Inside back cover (800) 983-7193 EM, FP, GPM, GS, ORS, P Banner Health Pg 89 Karen Height (970) 392-2075 AI, CHN, FP, GE, GS, HO, HOS, IM, MPD, N, NS, OBG, ORS, P, PA/NP, PD, PDS, PG, PLM, PMD, U, VS Bon Secours Health System Pg 70 ALL Cogent Healthcare Pg 79 Roberta Todrzak (888) 328-7807 HOS Community Health Systems Back cover Physician Recruitment (800) 367-6813 ALL, CD, FP, GE, GS, IM, OBG, ORS, U Eagle Hospital Physicians Pg 61 Cindy Fiorito (678) 441-8512 FP, HOS, IM, PA/NP Freelance Physician Inside front cover Jennings Staley (855) 646-3546 ALL HealthPartners Pg 25 Diane Collins (952) 883-5453 APM, CCM, D, DBP, EM, FP, GE, HEP, HOS, IM, MPD, OBG, U IASIS Healthcare Pg 36 Jessica Huesmann (877) 844-2747 APM, CD, D, EM, END, FP, GE, GS, IC, ID, IM, N, NEP, NS, OBG, ORS, OTO, P, PCC, PD, PM, RHU, U, VS LifePoint Hospitals Pg 22 Barkley Davis (615) 920-7205 CD, END, FP, GE, GS, IM, N, OBG, OPH, ORS, OTO, P, PD, PUD, RHU, U Pg 48 Debra Zelnio (800) 562-8663 AN, EM, FP, GS, HOS, IM, LT, N, OBG, OTO, P, PD, R, RO, U Patient First Pg 56 Eleanor Dowdy (804) 822-4478 eleanor.dowdy@patientfi EM, FP, IM www.patientfi PeaceHealth Pg 72 Angela Allen-Cornelius (360) 729-2543 AN, CD, D, END, FP, GE, GS, HOS, IC, IM, N, OBG, OM, OPH, P, PA/NP, PD, PDS, PLM, PUD, SM, UCM, VS Sound Physicians Pg 50 Gwen Stinson (253) 682-6067 FP, IM, PA/NP Take Care Health Systems Pg 51 Jeff Ligon (615) 468-6233 TeamHealth Pg 62 (855) 762-1653 AN, EM, GS, HOS, OBG, ORS, PE, UCM U.S. Army Pg 60 U.S. Army Health Care Team (855) 276-9660 ALL ALABAMA Auburn University's Physicians Executive MBA Program Pg 72 Ms. Jana Smith (334) 844-5078 Huntsville Hospital Health System Pg 48 Kimberly Salvail (256) 265-7073 CD, CHN, EM, FP, GE, HOS, IM, MFM, N, PCC, PD, PDS, PE, PUD, VS ARKANSAS White River Medical Center Pg 6 MegAnne Townsend (870) 262-6545 EM, FP, GE, GS, HOS, IM, NS, OBG, OSS, RHU CALIFORNIA California Correctional Health Care Services Pg 80 Human Resources (877) 793-HIRE CONNECTICUT Hartford HealthCare Medical Group Pg 23 Patti Lowicki (860) 972-5576 EM, FP, HOS, N, PLM, PM, P, U FLORIDA Baptist Health Pg 55 James Tannheimer (904) 202-5029 CCM, END, FP, HO, HOS, N, ORS, OTO BayCare Medical Group Pg 46 (813) 321-6625 FP, GE, GO, GS, HO, HOS, IM, N, OBG, OTO, PD, PDS, PHO, RHU, TS, UCM Miami Children's Hospital Pg 89 Joyce Berger (786) 624-3510 OP, ORS, PD, PDE, PDO, PE, PG Watson Clinic Pg 25 Sharon Paul (800) 854-7786 D, DMP, FP, HO, HOS, N, OBG, ORS, P, PA/NP, PD, RHU, U, VS ILLINOIS Rush University Medical Center Pg 80 Irina Zhukovskaya (312) 942-9941 CCP, CHN, CHP, D, EM, HEP, HOS, IM, N, P, PD, PDC, PDI, PLM, PN INDIANA Franciscan Physician Network Pg 39 *Also in Illinois Physician Services (844) FPN-DOCS/(844) 376-3627 ALL IU Kelley School of Business Pg 59 Susannah Gawor (317) 274-3855 IOWA UnityPoint Clinic Pg 3 Monica Aunan (515) 471-9304 CD, FP, GS, HOS, IM, N, NPM, OBG, OM, OTO, P, PCC, PD, PLM, RHU, UCM KENTUCKY Lexington Clinic Pg 67 Audra Davidson (859) 258-4135 A, FP, GS, MPD, PMD Use this index: Look for the state where you'd like to live, and see who's recruiting for your specialty along with their contact information and links to their sites. EmployerIndex Organized by state

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