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Tech Notes BY DAVID GEER ᑁᑉᑑᑄᑀᑂᑐᑐᑒᑀᑅᑉᑑᑀᑐᑆᑓᑒᑇᑃᑇᑂᑈᑒ Transform your phone into a time- and money-saving machine that helps you provide better patient care E ighty-one-percent of U.S. physi- cians own smart phones, accord- ing to Manhattan Research. Without respectable apps, the devices make good voice phones or fair paper- weights. The following apps can tran- sition your phone into much more. Skyscape Medical Resources app rains down clinical decision support ᑄᑕᑡᑀᑙᑕᑀᑐᑈᑙᑂᑀᑃᑠᑅᑑᑓᑅᑆᑓᑈᑀᑉᑕᑗᑀᑉᑗᑈᑈᑀᑅᑙ ᑘᑒᑢᑘᑇᑅᑖᑈᑁᑇᑕᑔᑁ This free app pushes access to essen- tial clinical decision support data to more than a million health care pro- fessionals on their Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices. Users can also purchase premium information re- sources from leading medical publish- ers. The respective apps are available from the iTunes store, the Android Market and the BlackBerry App World. Premium content is available from those sites and at Skyscape Medical Resources delivers access to the same data physicians used in train- ing. Its makers produced more than 600 clinical drug guides, journals, medical calculators and tools in partnership with F.A. Davis, Wolters Kluwer, McGraw-Hill and Elsevier. Physicians can customize the app based on their specialties and unique professional needs. The app's SmartSearch fea- ture queries search items across its li- brary. Physicians can cross-reference multiple information repositories with seamless efficiency using the SmartLink feature. Physicians can move from clinical data to treatment guidelines and drug information dur- ing a single patient interaction. All content is regularly updated to reflect the latest findings. Jason Bhan, M.D., a family practitioner in Sterling, Va., who also teaches in a residency training program con- nected to Virginia Com- monwealth University, was looking for solutions to a few issues when he found Skyscape. "I needed to stay current with relevant journals from my practice area. I wanted a tool to keep me updated with highlights from different sources so I could pick and choose the items I wanted to read. I wanted to avoid buying or using big textbooks," Bhan says. Skyscape Medical Resources was the answer for all of these needs. Bhan's favorite feature is Skyscape's MedAlert, which messages his iPhone with breaking news. "The messages highlight recent journal ar- ticles that are pertinent to my spe- cialty and practice and provide concise summaries," Bhan says. FALL 2011 | ᑀᑁ Continued

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