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spring 2015 21 In the past, Kahwash and his colleagues tried to manage heart failure patients and adjust medica- tions based on weight. "However, that turned out not to be very sensi- tive," he says. To d a y, K a h w a s h u s e s t h e C a r d i o M E M S s e n s o r, w h i c h provides an early warning as to the status of the pressure inside the lungs. "The pressure inside the lungs is really reflective of what's going on inside the heart," he says. "This sensor gives us this infor- mation while the patient is at home, so we now have the luxury of simply sitting in our clinic while the patient and the technology send us the measurements every day," Kahwash says. The system retrieves the data and receives it in a secure website where physicians can review it daily. With that information, Kahwash and his colleagues can intervene with therapy or by changing the patient's medication dosage prior to an acute heart failure event. Kahwash's favorite CardioMEMS feature is the durability of the s e n s o r. " I n t h e C H A M P I O N study, sensor failure was almost at 0 percent," he says. And any cardi- ologist can implant the device. K a h w a s h w o u l d l i k e t o s e e an even smaller sensor and an improvement in the ability to know when the patient sends the data. "The sensor is pretty small, but there is maybe some room in the future to make it smaller," says Kahwash. "And the patients currently send the data to the website and we wait until we log into the website to see the measurements. Perhaps the system could alert us when there is an abnormal trend." The GEM FlowCoupler joins very small blood vessels To learn more about the GEM FlowCoupler, visit " T h e G E M F l o w C o u p l e r mechanically joins very small diameter blood vessels from about 0.08 mm in diameter up to about 4.3 mm in diameter," says Terry Harrell, Director of Sales for Syno- vis Micro Companies Alliance, Inc., in Birmingham, Alabama. The GEM FlowCoupler includes Doppler technology for monitoring blood flow. The GEM FlowCoupler enables an intima-to-intima vessel anasto - mosis that meets very high stan- dards, stenting the anastomic site open in about five minutes, says Harrell. Daniel Liu, M.D., is a board- certified plastic and reconstruc- tive surgeon at Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Zion, Illinois, where he works on breast cancer reconstruction. Liu was Create the career you've always wanted —in Virginia! Join a thriving health system with practices throughout Virginia and create the career you want! Enjoy excellent work-life balance with family friendly offi ce hours and light phone call Work in practices with fully integrated EMR and full support staff Concentrate on patient-centered care in Patient Centered Medical Home Models Ability to pursue interests in women's health, sports medicine, and geriatrics Enjoy a highly competitive compensation package including base salary, productivity incentive, full range of benefi ts, sign- on bonus, loan forgiveness, and relocation assistance • • • • • Practice locations include Virginia Beach Portsmouth Chesapeake Norfolk Suff olk Richmond Blackstone Powhatan Want to learn more? Contact Erin Elliot, CMSR Call: (305) 567-0852 Text: (757) 512-5757 Email: The CHAMPION study measured sensor failure for the system at near 0 percent. Continued

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