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Tech Notes ᑃᑑᑈᑀᑓᑄᑙᑈᑘᑙᑀᑒᑔᑀᑐᑄᑇᑐᑈᑙᑘᑀᑄᑔᑇᑀᑄᑖᑖᑘᑀᑉᑕᑗᑀᑖᑑᑡᑘᑒᑆᑒᑄᑔᑘ BY DAVID GEER ᑁᑂᑀᑕᑗᑀᑅᑠᑘᑙ Physicians find 4G tablets and smartphones alluring. The advantages are significant—if not game-changing. I t is no secret that physicians are giving increasing ap- proval to medical applications of tablets and smart- phones. The increasing demand for tablet- and smart- phone-ready medical software speaks volumes on this. Anyone who has had a moment to catch a glimpse of the latest advertising has heard of 4G (Fourth Generation wireless) and the marked increases in speed, quality and convenience its vendors vow. But everyone knows what you see in an ad and what you get after committing to a new device and plan can be two different things. Will 4G and its attendant devices lend momentum to mobile device uptake? Let us hear what doctors who are putting them into practice have to say. From HTC EVO 4G to Motorola PHOTON 4G ᑦ&#ᑀᑠ+/+−+(ᑱᑀᑣᑗᑢᑦᑢᑡᑀᑐᑖᑀ∋.ᑀᑱ1ᑱ∋(ᑱ (#ᑀ∃+−ᑀᑁᑈᑒᑒᑅᑒᑒᑀᑂ2∋/&ᑀ,(ᑱ∗ᑃ ᑱ/ᑀ)+/+−+(ᑱᑅ!+)ᑆᑔ+∗.0)#−.ᑆᑧᑥᑄᑕᑡᑆᑔ+∗.0)#−ᑄᑣ−+∀0!/ᑄᑱ∗∀ᑄ ᑥ#−1∋!#.ᑆᑠ+ ∋(#ᑄᑣ&+∗#.ᑆᑠᑢᑦᑢᑤᑢᑙᑓᑄᑣᑗᑢᑦᑢᑡᑄᑐᑖᑄᑧᑥᑄᑕᑡᑅᑀ Gregg M. Alexander, D.O., a pediatrician at Madison Pe- diatrics, Inc. in London, Ohio, sees 25 to 30 patients daily. He also performs C-sections and treats newborns at Madi- son County Hospital in London. Alexander recently up- graded from the HTC EVO 4G to the Motorola PHOTON 4G. He gifted his wife with the EVO. "My wife needed a phone upgrade, and I was eligible for an upgrade myself. I had been looking at different op- ᑂᑀ | WINTER 2012 tions," he says. "The PHOTON is definitely more of a business workhorse than the EVO." In Alexander's expe- rience, the PHOTON makes social networking applications such as Twitter and Facebook easier to use. The phone is compatible with Android medical apps. It is globally friendly, switching over easily to European cell systems for physicians who may travel there. "It also has a nice look and feel and reboots very quickly. The EVO has a long boot process. But the PHOTON is very fast. It almost boots like an iPhone or iPad," Alexander says. Speaking of looks, the Motorola PHOTON 4G comes with two cameras, one in front and one in back. The front camera enables video chat with high qual- ity and no skips, stalls or buffering. Alexan- der uses the PHOTON's embedded rear camera for medical recording. "If I am

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