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The career development quarterly for physicians of all specialties, PracticeLink Magazine provides readers with feature articles, compensation stats, helpful job search tips—as well as recruitment ads from organizations across the U.S.

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the 2017 ANNUAL PracticeLink Magazine INTERVIEW issue S U M M E R 2 0 1 7 · V O L U M E 2 7, N U M B E R 3 LIVE & PRACTICE Glens Falls, New York Columbus, Mississippi Bangor, Maine Anchorage, Alaska 86 56 48 4  S u MM e R 2017 DEPARTMENTS 20 Financial Fitness: How to Manage Your Student Loan Debt Student loan debt can snowball if not handled properly, but there are myriad options for tackling it head-on—from seeking out loan repayment to hiring a financial planner. Co R t N e Y Ip K e 24 Vital Stats: How Tight Is The Job Market In Your Specialty? The PracticeLink Physician Recruitment Index can help you gauge the relative ease or difficulty of your job search. 26 Career Move: Medical Missions Physician 30 Job Doctor: Top 5 Physician Interview Mistakes Interviewing doesn't have to be so nerve-wracking. Avoid these five mistakes and you have no need to fret. M A tt W I gg INS 34 PracticeLink Tips: What Recruiters Need to Know About You On the hunt for the right practice? Make sure employers know who you are and what you're looking for. tAMMY H A ge R 36 Reform Recap: Payments to Physicians and Hospitals Become Increasingly Quality-Based An increasingly important part of the payment system is the submission of data on quality measures, improvement activities and technology use. Je FF At KINS o N 40 Tech Notes: Fractures, Fevers, and Helping Patients Understand your Choices Medical apps help with fracture management, febrile infant care and patient empowerment Ilt IFA t Hu SAIN , M.D. 84 Crossword Myles Mellor 86 Snapshot: Shannon Clark, M.D. 72 u Regina Bailey, M.D., J.D. PHOTO BY PIXEL STUDIO p Shannon Clark, M.D. PHOTO BY COLIN LENTON u Alexander Zaslavsky, M.D. PHOTO BY JPG PHOTOGRAPHY u Chandler Park, M.D. PHOTO BY NATHAN CORNETET

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