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Summer 2017

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Page 64 of 87 summer 2017 65 features THE INTERVIEW ISSUE DEBBIE SWANSON W ere you the one who always took charge of group projects in school—or the quiet confidant whom people drew aside for advice? Do you deliberately limit your social interactions, or do you become more energized when you spend time around others? Whatever your preferences, recognizing your natural tendencies and personality traits—and knowing how to make them work for you—can go a long way toward job interview success. START WITH A SELF-ASSESSMENT You're probably already aware of your strengths and weaknesses, but when you're facing a round of interviews, it never hurts to do a little introspection. A simple, informal method is to reflect upon what you already know about yourself. What have teachers always said about you? Friends and family? Which situations make you feel confident and comfortable, and which throw you out of your element? Reflect on your behavior patterns with a constructive, yet critical, eye. What's Your Interview Style? Knowing your personality type can improve your interview prep and performance. REL ATED Ace your interview The do's and don'ts of your next interview You got this: interviewing with confidence

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