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76  S u MM e R 2017 live & practice were what attracted Mason to Glens Falls Hospital. Mason chose hematology and medical oncology because of the deep doctor- patient relationships he saw in the specialty. "I've been inspired by the patients," he says. "Patients with cancer develop a close personal relationship with their doctor. My interest in my subspecialty was always inspired by oncology patients." But although Mason enjoyed his work with his previous employer, life in a New York City suburb wasn't a match for his love of the outdoors. "Our quality of life had eroded on Long Island," he says. "The amount of people, the amount of traffic, noise had started to really get to us." When Mason and his wife visited to meet Backus a nd interview at Glens F a l l s H o s p i t a l , they felt an instant connection to the a re a . " We fou nd what we were looking for in the sense of having a house with a nice yard and less congestion and traffic on the roads," he says. "There are a lot of opportunities and activities to spend time with kids. Now we have a 6-month-old son, Christopher Jr., and that was another reason we looked to come up here. We wanted to have a family, and this job provided an opportunity to focus on work-life balance and have a higher quality of life." Speaking of which, Mason just got a new pair of skis. "It's great being so close to Vermont and Lake Placid. In a couple years, we will start Christopher Jr. in a ski program. For now, we all go on hikes." COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI Combine Southern hospitality with a thriving economy, and you get Columbus, Mississippi. The area offers the best of both worlds in more ways than one. Newcomers can settle into historic homes or modern neighborhoods. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy boating and fishing or venture into the nearby woods to hunt. Physicians can relax in Mississippi nature one day and spend the next working at a 315-bed hospital that has been growing at a dizzying pace. J o HN Ree D , M.D., H A D A l M o S t retired. He was ready to pass his nephrology practice on to his partners and turn his focus to running a small farm, hunting and volunteering by tagging deer for a state wildlife study. But an opportunity arose at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle, a 315-bed hospital in Columbus, Mississippi, that was too interesting to pass up. A born-and-raised Mississippian, Reed settled in Jackson, Mississippi, where he completed a nephrology fellowship and opened a dialysis and nephrology practice. He ran this practice for 30 years — opening fou r sites and recru iting several partners along the way. "We had clinical trials and published a good bit," remembers Reed. After three decades, he wanted to spend more time at his cabin in the woods. But just as he was getting ready to hand over his practice to his partners and spend more time outside, he learned Baptist Memorial was looking for a quality director who could start a hospitalist program. The position was right up Reed's alley, and he could still enjoy the great outdoors during his off-time in Columbus. So Reed continued to work. "I did both the hospitalist program and quality for a few years," Reed says. "I Now recruiting at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle Keystone Healthcare Management Merit Health Gilmore Hospital "It's great being so close to Vermont and Lake Placid. In a couple years, we will start Christopher Jr. in a ski program. For now, we all go on hikes."

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