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Anchorage, Alaska is a vibrant, modern city that offers an exceptional array of leisure activities while surrounded by unsurpassed scenic beauty and recreational resources. Unique opportunities for BC/BE Physicians: Family Practice • OB-GYNs Contact Larisa Corbett: •888-700-6966 x1 • Alaska A Career, A Lifestyle, An Adventure! people in the Anchorage service area. Our relationship-based Nuka System of care is one of the nation's most innovative health care systems. Our 1 to 1 ratio of RN case manager, no call practice is beckoning those with a sense of adventure in the middle of a vibrant, modern city! Unique Opportunities for BC/BE Physicians: Family Practice and Pediatricians 82  summer 2017 live & practice ANCHORAGE, ALASKA If you picture coats, hats, boots and scarves when you picture Alaska, you're only half right. Alaska winters offer lots of reasons to get bundled up and enjoy the great outdoors, but Alaska also has picturesque summers. Many residents enjoy hiking, biking and camping — no parkas necessary. T O s A y t h A t D A n i e l Hartman, m .D., is outdoorsy would be an understatement. He is a n orthoped ic su rgeon with Southcentral Foundation, an Alaska Native-owned health care organization in and beyond Anchorage. And long before he became a physician, Hartman spent his time outside, learning about the many inhabitants of the great outdoors. As an u ndergraduate at the University of New Hampshire, he majored in biology and concentrated on marine invertebrate zoology. His early career foreshadowed his move; he spent some time as a marine mammal biologist, a career that brought him to Alaska frequently. After earning a public health master's degree at Boston University, Hartman decided to pursue medical school in Philadelphia, then traded coasts for his residency at San Francisco General Hospital. After residency, Alaska called his name. "In 2002, my wife and I moved to Bethel," Hartman says. "Bethel is in western Alaska near the Bering Sea. It's a 400-mile flight from Anchorage." In 2013, the family settled in Anchorage, where they live today. Hartman says quality of life factored into their decision. "Our kids are 11 and 13," he explains. "We chose A nchora ge a nd S out hcent ra l because of its work-life balance. ...We looked at the whole world for options, and we chose Anchorage for its excellent schools, very short commutes and access to trails and outdoor life." Southcentral Foundation provides a full scope of health care services to those liv ing in A nchorage and the 55 rural villages in the Anchorage Service Unit, a service area in southcentral Alaska that spa ns 107, 4 0 0 squ a re m i les. Southcentral Foundation offers a wide spectrum of care, including audiology, pediatrics, optometry, OB/G y n and Native men's health services. The foundation also jointly operates an emergency room at the Alaska Native Medical Center with the operators of the medical center, the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium. Another Anchorage employer is Alaska Regional Hospital, a 250- bed hospital which is part of h CA Healthcare. The hospital's offerings include an orthopedic and spine center, a wound care center, a cancer care center and a ni C u . Ralph Costanzo, m .D., the chief medical officer of Alaska Regional Hospital, speaks highly of the hospital and its community. "The folks are incredibly friendly," he says. "The medical staff is very gifted. The team comes from all over the world. They're here mainly because they love the area." Costa n zo bel ieves A la sk a's outdoor offerings are a big part of

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